Cool story bro

Jieling is being bored as a mugger as well, so she decided to text her entertainment- which happens to be me 😀

So there was a cool string of emoticons that she sent me the other time and she said there’s a story behind it. And specifically me because only I hold a BB which can load those emoticons HEHEHE so it was time to come up with a story~


Now here is the given set of emoticons to create the story~

AND MY STORY STARTS YO (names removed, of course :D)

COOL RESPONSE BECAUSE IT’S DEFINITELY THE COOLEST STORY EVER HEHEHE erm I don’t really care if there’s coffee offered at clubbing or not, OR WHETHER WE’VE HIT THE AGE HAHAHA

Now this is the so-called model answer by Jieling. Quite nice la I admit, especially the Starbucks part HAHAH

NOW WHO DO YOU THINK WON HAHAHA! Omg this is so fun Jieling should hold a competition hehehe.

Okay time to go back to Chinese ppt, this was indeed entertainment HAHA


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