I’m screwed

Really don’t wish to return oh my goodness even though it’s Chinese New Year Eve. The festive mood isn’t in me, and all I’m doing is missing the times at New Zealand, jetlagging because it’s supposed to be 4pm 5pm now. I’m really tired even though I just woke up 2 hours ago -_-

I miss sleeping everywhere, on truck rides, on bus rides, the early dismissal we have at 6-7pm, all these memories I hold so dear to myself 😦

When I grow up, I’m definitely going back! 😀 Not forgetting, it’s been my wish all this while to go to Rome hehe.

Things are no longer relatable- or is it just because we don’t spare the effort? But of course, if things are meant to be, nothing can change that fact.

The world is unfair. Take care, you’d be fine 🙂

from Tumblr, obviously.


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