Reunion Dinner

Just had two dinners- one at my Uncle’s place and one at home hehehe. I called my brother and addressed him as handsome..

and he fetched me from my Uncle’s place because I was so lazy to walk hehehe

Dinner menu has abalone and everything, CURRY (JIAWEN’S FAV YO) salmon and woohoo freaking cool like mad. I always love reunion dinners hahaha

In the past when my parents were workaholics Chinese New Year was the only time we could have a get-together to eat together hehe. And the occasional birthdays (they don’t even take leave on Christmas).. and National Day a particular year.

Really treasured those few days when my parents took leave- and I was always gleeful to see them at home when I reach home from school during the 3rd or 4th day of Chinese New Year.

But I’m starting to take things for granted now that they’re retired dammit Huiping HAHAHA. You can’t be like this yo!

I love my family 🙂

Random picture ftw, I miss Thunder Warrior 2012 heh :/


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