Just now my sister was asking my cousin whether she should work and study at the same time- she wants to earn some income for herself so that she don’t need to rely on my parents for money. And then blabla, crafting her future out slowly.

And my cousin started telling us about her goals, she’s interested in pastry so she’s intending to take up a culinary course in Japan for 2 years… And when she returns, she wants to open her own shop.

She was telling us about her lifeless colleagues- under Singapore’s tiring system… Office lady, 8-5pm, then taking care of family. And then decades and decades pass with that life. Hell boring.

I guess it’s really tiring to work under a superior- so she’s branching out her network even overseas..

Let’s not forget my smartass cousins omg RI NYGH their future is already pathed out already. The scholarships are waiting for them gosh.

In a few years time that would be me thinking about my path already. I really have no goals in mind- no idea what scholarship(s) I’m aiming for, no idea what I want to be in future.

Who am I and what do I really want in the future? 😦


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