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Two more days

Yay two more days to the end of all shitz. then can fly to Cambodia (hopefully stressfree) and hope all the programmes planned painfully will run well!

Was thinking of not bringing my Blackberry Torch to Cambodia cause I’m really gonna die if I lose it (expensive like mad ugh), but then my thoughts went “if there is Wi-Fi…

…then I wouldn’t be able to check/use Twitter Facebook WordPress Whatsapp, then how do I contact my family how to contact my friends… How do I take pictures”

Gosh, really over-reliant on my phone because this small device can do everything 😩 in fact typing this entire blog post with my phone LOL. BB’s keypad is the ultimate love yay.


Tomorrow’s gonna be a long day, competition early in the morning and I’ll have to go back to school for Chem test at like 4.15pm -_- not miserable at all. But I’ll endure! Which means I need to sleep earlier tonight bleah.

Blogging has no purpose today actually- just want to leave February 29 on my Archives 🙂 afterall, it only comes once every 4 years 😀

And ugh I feel like drinking æˆ‘çˆ±ć°ćŠč all of a sudden 😩 maybe it’s because I’m hungry.

And hello retard, I absolutely look down on you 🙂

random, but swollen onion rings LOL real delicious :P
Random, but swollen onion rings for dinner recently LOL real delicious 😛



This week is getting worse,

Slept at 2.30am yesterday because I was finishing up my EoM -_- okay but thank god I’m finally done with my draft.

Tomorrow got RV Lit test (I haven’t even finished watching Blue Kite ugh), Thursday got Town Planning (?) Competition and Friday got Phy + Chem test 😩 need memorise so many alien Chinese language and my… script 😩

Sorry to teachers for falling asleep in class, needed to replenish sleep or I’ll just faint~ 😩

Gonna be going home to rush all my homework wheeee diehard mugger for W9, and one more week I’ll fly off to Cambodia! 🙂

Will be able to sleep after Friday!!! Gogogo.

FSD West District Competition 2012

Just back from FSD Competition (and smelling really good, because the sun was was so burningggggg)~

Anyway my badges look very very horribly aligned today omg, I feel so disgusted looking at my own pictures LOL THEY LOOKED FINE AT HOME SDKFJSLDKFJ. Jieling was the photographer so we camwhored like mad LOLOL

Pick this picture cause my badges at weird angle so cannot look aligned hehe

Next week my badges will look nicer I swear 😩 Shall shorten the distance between badges. At least I know now! AND MY BERET WAS FAILING TODAY, I HAVE NO IDEA WHY. OMG.

(AND WHEN I REACHED HOME I JUST REALISED MY LANYARD WAS ON THE WRONG BUTTON.) Omg my uniform totally failed today, thank god I’m not taking inspection. If I were to go for some parade or something I’ll probably get kicked out at first instance.


CONGRATULATIONS to RVNCC Team 2012 🙂 Girls 2nd, Guys 3rd. Which means both teams will head to finals, it’s the start of a new beginning 😀

Was such a great day watching the shows today, running from place to place wasting time and finally waiting for RV to perform together. It’s like RV brought an entire army there to cheer- so loud that the emcee had to shut us up. Woops~

RVNCC Girls + Supporters 😀

What a great day :’)

These years flipped by so quickly. Okay wait I sound kind of retarded few years ago please forgive me. In the past I didn’t have a major post dedicated to it, just a small part when “I suddenly recall spectating FSD Competition!”, then I’ll blog about it LOL.

But as the years go by, NCC becomes a larger and larger part of my life 🙂

FSD West District Competition 2009
FSD West District Competition 2010
FSD West District Competition 2011
and finally, this year’s FSD Districts 2012, and sadly, my last year 😩

Have been enthu since Sec 1 but with attitude problem I guess, HAHA. One definitely becomes more mature over the years 🙂 Not that I’m very mature now but definitely much more than a few years ago. And in the past my blog definitely created much hate for myself, insensitivity issues and everything.. wow how did I survive my RV life? I think if I were in any other school I’ll get bashed up or something. But those are the memories of being a horrible cadet that I’ll never forget 🙂

FSD West District Competition tomorrow!

Kuishin Bo with family yesterday! It was a random trip LOL but I starved myself all day for the buffet at night and it was totally worth it 🙂 Ate like a boss LOL.

The food looks damn good and TASTES DAMN GOOD I SWEAR LOL SUPER fresh and somemore Great World City’s branch wasn’t even crowded, could have our pick slowly and take our time LOL.

Camwhoring with brother and food hehehe

Have been busy mugging for tests this week-

and will get even busier the next week, Geog Competition + 3 tests coming up next week 😩 Weekends burnt due to FSD and mugging as well. But I’ll cope! I’m fine! 🙂 I just need to put in a little more effort that’s all!

Finally it’s February 25 hehehe! FSD West District Competition… All the best to RV. Hope they will salvage the bad name I caused. 🙂 Finally another history in the making!

RVNCC Girls + Boys jiayou! It’s your day tomorrow, Team 2012! RVNCC, to be the best that we can be! 😀 Hopefully it’s either both in or both out, one in one out sucks pretty much ._.

Finally finished pinning badges and polishing shoes after so long, ah am really really tired I am going to fall asleep hahaha~ Shall go to sleep soon and wake up in 5 hours time excitedly 😀

And last year at this time, what was I doing? Crying myself to sleep hoping that it’ll never be the end…

IT’S BEEN SUCH A LONG TIME UNKNOWINGLY :’) Hopefully the ICs and Part Cs are feeling better this time round, heh. Jiayou Part Bs as well! I love RVNCC so much, putting it as my 6th CCA choice (first UG choice) will never be a regret 🙂


Terence dropped his water bottle during Physics Make-up lesson today.

And the first thing that I blurt out was,

“Omg the amplitude damn large and frequency damn high!!!”

I’m highly screwed LOL but that’s quite cool isn’t it…?


Just realised the previous password-protected post was my 1000th post LOL.

Can’t believe I’ve been blogging for so long (or more like, having clicked the Publish button for 1000 times already :P)