Ex Thunder Warrior 2012 AAR

I missed the company yu sheng and celebration of Jieling’s birthday because of the AAR. Sigh sometimes I’m… really affected by how the meetings at HQ are always held on CCA says, because I always miss what comes after that. Not just this time, NCCDP meetings last year as well. ;/

I hope I’ll never regret because after today, I’m not sure whether XTW 2012 will ever come together as a group again. It’s really hard to say because no one will feel the “need” to come together again. But I probably missed something that might have been a highlight of my Delta ’12 life. And I missed another act with the Bs again ;(

Sian I wished I could cut myself into 2 ;( I mean it definitely was not possible to attend both. Sigh.

Hope everything will go well in CCA. Miss XTW 2012 quite badly.

Sometimes I can’t help but to think how lucky I am, but sometimes I can’t help but to envy others too. I hope those lucky souls will love their life someday 😉

Blogging with my father’s iPad and this is strangely cool haha. Just haven’t gotten used to the auto correct. Shall take a small break tonight and tomorrow morning it’s back to work. Jiayou Huiping, it’s a tough week ahead.


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