To people who care

Even though I’m doing badly in school, I’m really happy recently.

Finally opened up, got out of that turtle shell, and started to accept things as they come again. It took me really long to be like this again, really really long ;’) Really enjoy how it is now.

On the way home, Jieling was telling me something about her birthday wishes, and I suddenly remembered mine.

There this one person- who sort of never failed to wish me at 12am (or maybe a few minutes more because there’s always the message jam) every year since we were acquainted. This year I didn’t receive it, so maybe I was thinking, okay, maybe I’ll receive it the next day. But in the morning, I didn’t get any birthday greeting. I started to think perhaps once again, it’s like a friends to strangers thing once again. Didn’t mind much at that point in time anyway.

Then 11.59pm came and then I received a long long long message saying that “I sent this out at 11.59pm so confirm reach you on the dot, never receive my message at 12am very sad right…” and so on LOL

BUT A PITY THE MESSAGE WAS TOO LONG and by the time it reached me it was December 26 LOL. Maybe that person suddenly remembered at 9pm or something and used it as an excuse but ahahaha, at least it was real enough to pass off~

Was rather touched though hehe. Thank you for always being there :’)

I blog too much for my own good. Perhaps my horrible grades in Term 1 are a result of this. (and not ICEP Thunder Warrior of course HAHAHAHA)

Okay perhaps not. HAHAHA. I need an outlet afterall 🙂

Parents + brother going to Genting in Week 9,
Parents + brother + sister going overseas somewhere in Term 2.

Obviously I can’t go, I’ve to attend school.



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