Reading the Physics textbook one day

Physics Matters textbook 😀

Wah even the picture they use in the textbook is super lao kok hahaha cause it’s so long ago 😀 Technology really improve a lot, increase in resource availability so the PPC curve shifted outwards! (Revising for Econs test tomorrow woohoo) Let’s hope I do well, for every question you get wrong you drop 2 grades ._.

ARE THOSE PHONES EVEN EXISTENT NOW? Anyway the textbook was passed down from my sister’s generation to me LOL so it has like Ng Shi Hui 304, and Ng Hui Ping 1C ’09. Yeah used it since Year 1, RV FTW LOL. Wow my sister was 15 when she used that, now she’s 20 and WE’RE STILL USING THAT FOR PHYSICS 🙂 The book is still in a very nice condition cause it’s wrapped and my sister barely used it 😀

Anyway my answer is definitely no to the question above 😦 Can’t imagine going to school, going home from school, all without a handphone. During these times, I start to wonder how I survived in primary school. Okay, I took the school bus anyway. HAHAHA. Walao stay in Clementi, go Clementi Primary School, also need take school bus. But well $33 a month was quite cheap, almost cheaper than public transport liao (or cheaper?)


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