Clean and Green Township Semi-Finals

Well not very sure about the title but anyway the point is that it was a Geography competition (Geog related la) and it took place at Science Centre,

…for the entire day šŸ˜€

Which meant that I only needed to report at 8am to Science Centre when everyone else had to reach school by 7.28am šŸ˜€

And it was so damn slack for the whole duration omg. Free entry into Science Centre, spent the whole time listening to the 11 teams (one team about 20 minutes average) and mugging Chem after our turn oops sorry I should be forgiven because I have two upcoming tests šŸ˜¦

Let’s hope at least one team from RV gets to the finals hahaha.

Team 10 of RVHS. We’re Team 5 haha.

Group picture of RVHS Team 5 outside the hall, formed because of NCC hahaha šŸ˜€
(Background is Science Centre btw hahaha :D)

Just remembered that everyone said I was screaming into the Mic omg even with such a big area. I was talking so I couldn’t hear myself and my voice just went louder and louder cause I thought I was too soft -_-

Jiamao “you don’t need the mic, really”

!!!!! asdfghjklgfs

Had to go back to school after the competition -_- reached class at 3pm and right smack lessons end wow! Then waited 1.5h for Chem test which wasn’t very well done šŸ˜¦ sigh, tomorrow Physics wouldn’t be well done either given my confusion for Static Electricity zzz.


That’s the mentality I’m going to carry with myself, hopefully for the entire year.


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