Singapore Arts Museum

Today was pretty eventful LOL.

Went for swimming early in the morning, headed to library to start on SCS Project, after which headed to Singapore Arts Museum to complete the worksheet..

…and finally ended with dinner at Ichiban Sushi 😀 Woah 4 “tasks” in one day LOL.

It was a great day, and the art pieces at Singapore Arts Museum were super stunning 🙂 Won’t regret spending that few hours of my life there LOL. But we had problems navigating around the whole gallery because we were noobs at directions HAHAHA

Except that it rained when we were going home (sudden downpour I swear).. and among Cathy Sarah Edina and I, only Edina brought an umbrella along HAHAHA.

And we had to cross this street to get to the MRT station! Brave Cathy on her way back to fetch me (the 2nd person) LOL cause she decided she was the only one in slippers… 😀

Thank you Cathy (who ended up the most wet HAHAHA)! All of us ended up wet on one side of our bodies LOL. Ran for the train and only Sarah got in WHILE THE TRAIN DOOR CLOSED ON THE REST OF US HAHAHA.

WE WAITED 7 MINUTES FOR THE NEXT TRAIN LOL. And there was track fault along the way zzz

But a pretty cool day anyways 🙂

4 months left. 😦


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