Happy birthday Veggie Samurai!

Haven’t been writing much rubbish for the past few days, it’s not about poor time management but I don’t have anything significant to write about hehe.

Act today was pretty fine 🙂 hopefully the Part Bs wouldn’t quit haha. Have been repeating the same thing since last year, it just remains my greatest wish 😀 shall not be defeated by the horrid CCA system 😦 RVNCC JIAYOU, Part Bs ’12 jiayou 😀 You girls would be the best soon! 😛

On a sidenote,

Happy boothday Yixin 😀 omg I know you will get my hidden meaning! 😀 You’ve been a great friend for the past 4 years- always helping (and being damn generous with $$$ hohoho), planning activities for the platoon. Thanks for all your efforts! 😀

Aww Yixin 🙂 Must love the thing I wrote for you okay I most special one no cover, words right smack on the first page LOL

STAY LESS RAGE HAHA 😀 whatever I’ve wanted to say is in your birthday card liao and the rest need to reserve 4 months later for ROD already 😦 walao damn fast damn sad I’m going to cryyy cryyy.

The countdown really starts now. 25 more days 😦

Really addicted to Scramble omg, playing with any phone I can find in class LOL.

Just won for the past 10 games shit this is such an ego boost HAHAHA

My parents are going to bring the iPad to Beijing OMG HOW AM I GONNA SCRAMBLE FOR THE NEXT 10 DAYS I’M CRYING IN ADVANCE OMG :(((((((((



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