Social networks

Just deleted about 60-70 friends off Facebook -_- Around 720 to the current number 653. Okay quite an achievement..? 😛 At least now I’m quite sure I know all of the people on my friend list at least by name hehe.

I don’t interact anymore with some of the friends I made during courses (mostly NCC people) so I just deleted them off hahaha :S Too much content on Facebook it’s dangerous to have so many people with access to your full profile I guess? :/

And 46 pending friend requests from people I don’t know…? :S Sorry I don’t add people I don’t know :S unless I AT LEAST know you by name/attended the same course before…? 😀

Oh well shall just leave them there until I get to know them HAHAHA.

I wonder what will happen to me if I delete my Facebook account one day. Maybe I won’t be that adversely affected LOL it probably sucks to admit it but Twitter is taking over Facebook hahaha.

Oh my god I spent 1hour+ filtering my friend list LOL it’s 2.41am now! Time to sleep forever, finally no more early Saturdays! (unsure whether to be happy or not though)

Shall wake up tomorrow morning to study though, family escaping with the iPad means no more Scramble to distract me from my work 😛


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