Asian Civilisation + ArtScience Museum

I was feeling bored at around 3pm today 😀 Was catching dramas the whole afternoon (woke up at 12pm amazingly) but I got bored after a while!

My family left for Beijing late afternoon and I decided I was the boss…

Yup not kidding, I really searched for that.

Midway I suddenly recalled that I visited the Singapore Arts Museum last week- and there were many other museums in Singapore that I haven’t visited.

And hence I decided to pick Asian Civilisation Museum (cause it sounds interesting) and ArtScience Museum LOL.

Visited the Asian Civilisation Museum first. Alighted at Raffles Place MRT Station and anyhow walk-ed LOL.

Ahead 😀 was enjoying the breeze and walking slowly. Wah damn shuang hahaha.

Free admission that day so I went to visit the two main exhibitions that were going on..


The Tang Shipwreck were just pictures of bowls and more bowls and many things that were recovered..

And some dorm for the traders hehe.

but the textile one was more cool hahaha. More explanations and more applicable as well- learnt a bit about the textile industry in India in history.

Yup cloth everywhere LOL every few steps one cloth with many new intricate designs 😀

And there’s this station with the chops..

For you to chop paper with the design. DAMN COOL HAHA.

Spent about 1.5hours there and headed to Marina Bay Sands for the ArtScience Museum… WHICH HAD TO BE PAID FOR 😦

The exterior’s pretty amazing 😀

The queue for the admission tickets was about 15minutes, it snaked all the way to the entrance omg.

Crowded like pok everyone just kept streaming in.

I asked for the Andy Warhol exhibition because we’re going to learn about Art (Pop Art?) this term, but in the end my mouth went to move by itself (wts no kidding) and asked for the cost of the all access pass instead.

When I heard $24 my heart dropped but I took it all the same cause I don’t know how to reject..? Titanic Exhibition + Andy Warhol- the two major exhibitions going on in the ArtScience Museum at the moment. wah left with $6 in wallet damn miserable LOL. But it is okay since it’s the Titanic Exhibition’s debut in Southeast Asia? 😀 It costs $21 without the all access pass anyway, should be pretty worth it 🙂

BUT TOTALLY NO REGRET OMG I SWEAR THE TITANIC EXHIBITION IS DAMN AMAZING. I have never found out so much about the shipwreck before, never knew the history behind it..

Damn huge poster LOL but I think the ship even bigger.

The whole exhibition felt like it was on a cruise- you’d be going on board to see all the artefacts, then they really have this area whereby they dim the lights for you to feel like you’re on the cruise.. and it feels so real- the things recovered are so well-explained..

Yup they really make it into a cruise- make you feel like you’re really on board LOL. Somemore they had audio HAHAHA it felt a little spooky but there were SO MANY PEOPLE LOL.

Poor picture quality due to low lighting (and the fact that flash photography wasn’t allowed!) and the picture is self-explanatory whee. LOOKS BETTER IN THE MUSEUM HAHAHA.

I was trying to read every single board of words because it is interesting like that. And you’d just want to find out more and more. Most museums I just glance through all the artefacts and ignore the world LOL.

…and there’s an iceberg for you to touch as well- to let you feel how cold it is.

I don’t know what’s with the holes HAHA.

And I didn’t know the Titanic was so amazing, so large, so beautiful.. my goodness.

There’s this list of people who survived the sinking… and then many accounts of people. Some had dreams, some were seeking a better life in New York… and the captain himself was to retire after his final sail on the Titanic. Unfortunately only 700 people were saved due to the lack of lifeboats 😦

There was a whole list of such recounts but this hit me the hardest- it is real touching isn’t it? People were crowding around this hahaha. The belief that love lasts forever- did it die in the 20th century?

Most of the survivors lost their husbands because the rule for the rescue was “WOMEN AND CHILDREN FIRST”, so they waved their wives goodbye from the boat and for most of them, they never saw them again 😦

After the entire Titanic exhibition, there’s this place for you to share your thoughts..

My handwriting resembles that of a child but I was chionging so I am forgiven. I have no idea why there were people queuing behind me to fill in their thoughts too LOL

After which I headed to the Andy Warhol exhibition in the same museum..

One of his most notable artworks- he created different replicas of Marilyn Monroe after she died because he thought she was beautiful- and the different colours represent different moods. Sad/angry/depressed…? LOL.

Then there’s the Silver Factory..

Yeah literally.

And then it was just more artworks.. his photography and how he affected the sale of shoes.

And my day touring museums ended! The Titanic exhibition is definitely my favourite- it’s an experience I have never ever gotten before.. and I would walk through the whole exhibition again if I could HAHAHA. Anyway I almost walked into a mirror again zzz

The Genocide Museum at Cambodia will definitely have the largest impact on me though, until today -_-

At the Asian Civilisation Museum I had my earpieces plugged in and I just walked through the whole museum at my own pace, having my own fun LOL. The life seriously damn shuang, I haven’t felt so relaxed in a long long while I swear. Alone and the freedom.. seriously damn shuang LOL. Don’t need to follow the pace of any guides, and you can just view what you want to view 🙂

Was finding my way out of Marina Bay Sands (and finding dinner as well) but settled myself at Kopitiam, finding the cheapest food which happens to be $6 LOL.

Walao not that bad la LOL THEY HEAT UP THE RICE FOR YOU LEH. Somemore 9.30pm not closed yet 🙂

Walked along the bay home and viewed the i Light Marina Bay (some festival) thing along the way. I visited only three anyway, the giant vertical lightstick, the red laser and some light shining from the ground. LOL I was so lucky so many exhibits in one day wahahaha.

One of them!

And it felt so good to be alone with my bagpack even though 99% of the people around me were couples and families zzzz is it a taboo to be alone?! OH WELL I’M COOL HAHAHA. The feeling seriously damn shiok it’s indescribable.

..EXCEPT THAT I GOT LOST AT RAFFLES PLACE while looking for Bayfront MRT/Marina Bay MRT/Raffles Place MRT, and it was so scary because the buildings were all around me, lights were shut, it was quiet.. and it was 10.40pm. Took 40 minutes to navigate around before I arrived at Clarke Quay MRT T_T Thank god for smartphones, people to comfort me in the scare that I got lost.. and people like Sarah who was trying to guide me to Tanjong Pagar MRT! 😀 Then I found myself at Lau Pa Sat zzz.

Walao eh so late liao still so crowded. And I only had $1.05 on me so I couldn’t buy the MILO DINOSAUR THAT SOMEONE WAS HOLDING OMG IT LOOKED SO DAMN GOOD.

Found my way around in the end, but my soles were aching and my arch was hurting really badly because of the walking and walking. Wah damn 活该 I swear LOL I think my parents will flip if I told them so I shall.. keep quiet? :S Thank god for Singapore’s relatively low-crime rate, or else I would have died in the streets man.

The exhibits today were really very interesting- and they really classified which one belonged to the first class cabin, the second class cabin.. and all the rich dudes. One ticket costed few thousands which is like tens of thousands today (or even hundreds LOL). Even though it was dated quite a while back but they had wonderful amenities like gyms.. private baths for the rich clients.. it’s just so sad that the Titanic turned into a major disaster killing 1502 😦 Or else it’d be one of the most amazing cruise ships to date.

The museum brought you through slowly- from the creation of the cruise ship- to the launch, to the sail, to the things on board, to the passengers, to the iceberg and finally to the survivors and people who didn’t survive the sinking 😦 And you wouldn’t lose your way because there’s a path for you to walk- i.e. not a square whereby you walk around and get confused LOL. It was so heartbreaking to read something, and the last line of the board would be “___ did not survive the sinking.” So many of them had dreams and wishes to fulfil, wanting to visit their relatives urgently.. and all of them were anticipating the arrival because there was only 2 days left to the end of the sail. The survivors are really really very lucky 🙂

Wah quite sad haha this exhibition has quite a large impact on me. I feel like I have not wasted my money at all 😀 Extremely glad I decided to be bored today hahaha. Thank god I visited this exhibition because it’s ending soon! 😀

Oh my god it’s 4.56am (let’s just assume it’ll be 5am by the time I publish this post) now, and I’m not asleep yet. Didn’t even take a nap in the afternoon- because I was out the whole day visiting museums LOL.

And there’s swimming tomorrow! Damn it hope I’m not too tired tomorrow haha. Gosh my sleeping habits are getting worse again, okay this is bad bad bad I need to go back to sleeping at 11pm! Must not mess around with Term 2, too dangerous. Have a lot of homework left (quite a few tests next week too omg) and a running date (?) with Ling Sheng tomorrow LOL I’m very screwed, but I guess I won’t regret today.

It had been a long time since I spoke to you so normally- and that’s how it shall be for anyone and everyone else.

I will never ever take the risk again. At least, not for now.


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