Titanic 3D

Cool movie ticket πŸ˜›

Definitely a very sudden/random trip even though discussion was ongoing last night. After dismissal from CCA some of us were like “WANNA GO WATCH TITANIC ANOT?” Teehee.

Earliest timeslot at iMax was only 9pm, but alternatively we could go to West Mall that has a 8.30pm timeslot. Hence we just settled for JCube since we haven’t been to the theatres there before, but we had to cab home because no more train at 12am++.


…and due to lack of money (I swear all of our wallets were… empty) all of us ate KFC, possibly the cheapest food you can find at JCube LOL. I was digging through all my coins because the movie ticket was so expensive omg. Seriously it was $14, and we couldn’t use the discount coupons LOL!!! 😦

So for my guilt food I gave like a $2 note and the rest in coins HAHAHA MY WALLET BECAME SO MUCH LIGHTER OMG. Or should I say, practically nothing left besides my Ez-link card? LOL. Okay la, a few 10cents and 5cents left la -_- so poor omg LOL

Us in the cool 3D shades LOL Okay we look like monsters after CCA but we are forgiven! Imagine we were chionging around during CCA and then we headed straight to the theatre without bathing HAHAHA. Like a bunch of Rafflesias going on a movie date. Yixin went to look for the theatre for our movie and hence she wasn’t in the picture πŸ˜₯

Didn’t wear spectacles throughout the movie because double-layer (spectacles + 3D glasses) was sort of weird (and uncomfortable). Could see pretty clearly anyway, since we were at the first row -_- okay la there’s an advantage to it afterall. First row seats also meant that we had to crane our necks for 3 hours (or rather, 200 minutes). Oh I died a little definitely, my neck feels a little sore when I bend it back now LOL Won’t be surprised if I get an ache tomorrow HAHAHA.

Okay but it was quite a good show- because it’s one of the only English movies that I understand omg. Finally could catch most of the Chinese subtitles when I didn’t understand the English by the cast πŸ˜€ I was never fast enough. Must continue watching Taiwan dramas πŸ˜€

It’s getting late now and I’m allocated to Nan Hua Primary School for an Outreach session tomorrow morning! All the best to myself! πŸ˜€ Then there’s the fruit buffet treated by my sister in the afternoon yay.

LIFE IS SO GOOD TO ME πŸ™‚ Even though I’m spending so much money lately but… I’M REALLY HAPPY SO IT’S ALL WORTH IT I GUESS? πŸ™‚


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