Sports Carnival 2012

Haven’t been posting for the past few days, simply because there isn’t many significant things worth noting down. I mean, 5 years later I won’t really care that I got 12.5/25 for Chem Quiz… I think? 😀

Okay that was really a horribly done quiz LOL I need to work harder and stop procrastinating 😦
and probably stop dozing in Chem lessons as well -_-

Oh I had this for dessert last night HAHAHA this was after half the bowl was gone… so I ate about 50-60 grapes. Just kept eating and eating -_- absolutely no control 😦 Okay at least it was grapes instead of… potato chips or something? 😀

Sports Carnival was today! Was totally looking forward to this even though I have no participation in it at all- simply because we are dismissed at 11.30am and it’s a non-schoolday 😀 Technically a longer weekend, since we don’t hiong or anything on Friday.

Since I had no participation in Basketball or the relay race, this was what I was doing all day…

Yup. The amazing job of a chairperson. Giving out the T-shirts collected this morning LOL and the terrible job of the treasurer (Qin Ye) as well- COLLECT MONEY LOL. Okay I don’t suffer such a sad fate afterall 🙂

And well.. watching the matches. Slacking everywhere. 😀

I was supposed to be one of them but I was holding the camera LOL.

The runners waiting for their relay race- everyone came back damn shagged HAHA. Sprinting 1 round is a lot more killer than jogging 6 rounds leisurely LOL.

After we were bored watching relay race, we (Sarah & I) headed to the basketball court to watch basketball matches going on as well LOL.

Now that was a powerful moment I caught HAHAHA. Everyone fighting for the ball. Siao basketball super 粗鲁, it’s like anyone is going to fall down anytime from all the blocking and banging into one another LOL. Then again, I’m not good with ball games -_-

Having no participation was really quite boring.

So we ended up attempting pullups LOL AND SARAH CAN DO ONE, LIKE ONE. Without assistance and without climbing up the mat HAHA. And she did it repeatedly so total she did quite a lot today. Siao I can’t even do one, can only go up halfway, tremble and drop down HAHAHA. Okay my goal still remains- MUST DO ONE BY THE END OF THE YEAR. LIKE ONE ONLY COME ON HUIPING.

Most of us ended up in canteen slacking (and eating) again, so we camwhored around!

And well, being cool enough I ate a banana for breakfast HAHA. Nola cause I’m in Yellow house. Okay kidding HAHA.

Headed to hall to watch teachers play Captains’ Ball… and waited for prize presentation subsequently.

When the whole school was gathered in the hall hehe what a nice sight! Every colour at every corner 🙂 Then the whole hall looks really neat, nice and colourful 😀

A performance by the Hip Hop Dance Crew 😀 The performances are really cool hahaha 😀 RV getting more and more talents man (and getting cooler as well!)

Following was the prize presentation 🙂

The mascots on stage 😀 Didn’t capture pictures of prize presentation (regrettably, I probably forgot I was holding a camera -_-) because we were busy doing standing ovations and getting prepared TO STAND UP LOL. 4G WAS DAMN HIGH I SWEAR everyone was waiting because…

Year 4 Basketball Girls- YELLOW CHAMPION (woohoo)
Relay Race Guys- YELLOW 3RD

COME ON LA HOW TO NOT HIGH HAHAH. Even though I have no involvement at all but it’s so nice to be cheering for your own class- 4G was the only class who stood up all together and cheered like crazy when our classmates went on stage HAHAHA. 4G pride can, standing ovation ftw! Don’t care if it’s embarrassing HAHA.

…and subsequently other classes/houses followed suit. You’re welcome! 😀

Anyway Yellow CHAMPION HOUSE 😀 Two years running hahaha 😀 Sadly we won’t be in the same house with 4G anymore next year. 😦


And for some reason WordPress image uploader isn’t working today- so I’m back to using old and conventional Photobucket. Having to resize my photos manually LOL aw the hassle. The last time I used this was probably.. 9 months ago or something before I open my blog to public HAHA. I’m afraid if one day I don’t log in to Photobucket, all the uploaded photos will be gone (2000+ sigh)

It was a great day, a really slack one. Shall rest for a while and attempt some assignments today (I think :P), since there is a crapload of tests next week bleah.


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