I have deactivated Twitter! But I have absolutely no idea how long this will carry on… hopefully for at least a week? Jiawen sorta inspired me, telling me that she actually has more time for her family now, stopped scrolling her Twitter feed through meals and everything. ME WANT TOO!

Shall try to resist tweeting- sometimes I’d feel like “Omg I really need to tweet this!!!” like what Jiawen said but nahhhhhh I MUST RESIST. It’s really been distracting me quite a bit- I can’t focus on my work because I keep following tweets and checking out updates. MAJOR DISTRACTION #1. It has overtaken Facebook as the first tab I open when starting Chrome.


I’ll probably blog more now- now that I have one outlet less to express myself..? :S

Have been watching dramas nowadays as well- which is another reason as to why I should deactivate my Twitter? The computer is such a powerful tool to distract me -_- Since November 2011 I’ve been watching 败犬女王 and until now I am only on Episode 16 oops. Started 我可能不会爱你 last year as well, and thankfully I’m up to Episode 11. 2 more episodes to complete the drama LOL. The thing I really like about dramas is that their OSTs are really nice. Perhaps at the start you wouldn’t think so- but it’ll grow into you somehow. 😀

Some people fast-forward dramas like crazy that’s why they can finish 25 episodes (1.5h/episode) in one day or something. I don’t like to fastforward because I think I’ll miss all the interesting bits (i.e. they emo and mushy mushy to each other and goosebumpzzz). And hence, my speed, is really slow. 😦

Wonder how I finished one entire drama in 3 days last year LOL. NO FASTFORWARDING HOR. SUCH A PRO. Shall continue the Taiwan dramas after the tests this week- and for now, FORENSIC HEROES 3 IS STARTING AT 9PM TODAY HAHAHA. Excitement max 2.5hours more! I remember how I counted down the hours to The Mysteries of Love as well- aw that was more than a year ago. I would love to rewatch it man. Time flies… like a bird. Truly 😦

你就是我的翅膀 陪我到前方
让我学会了雨和雷后 一定看见彩虹



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