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Midnight KBox

I was doing CID the entire morning yesterday (more of slacking actually) but well, at least we watered our plant. HAHAHA. Slacked further in the library without borrowing any books because 1. the awesome me didn’t bring my library card, 2. I had 5 unread books at home LOL.

We had plans to go KBox in the afternoon but I only brought $12 out so I definitely couldn’t afford K Lunch/K Happy or anything- and then further search made me realise that there’s the $8 nett promotion after 12midnight! So I asked my siblings on WhatsApp conversation and my sister took leave to go yesterday night HAHAHA.

Left house at about 10pm+ to go have dessert at the usual place 😀

Mango Milk Ice at 11pm is definitely very sinful, but that wasn’t our cause of concern in that point in time LOL. we were chionging like crazy in the fear that we’ll arrive late at Mt Faber SAFRA 😀

But we arrived 15 minute early hoho and due to the availability of slots, we could go in early! 🙂

Our free Standard Drink. Had Milo Dinosaur as usual but that kinda killed my throat a little LOL.

Singing random Chinese songs. My siblings and Yang all listen to Chinese songs so we could sing along to almost every song that was selected. Nice, I like it 😀

And halfway through it was so cold I stole my brother’s jacket when he went to the washroom and refused to return it because I was freezing HAHAHA. Oops 😀 I never learn my lesson, after going to KBox for so many times LOL.

I think it’s a nice picture LOLOL wearing my brother oversized white jacket HAHAHA. It was so comfortable omg.

Nice picture taken in the midst of a song LOL.

And before leaving the place! Our last song was unfortunately something I was unfamiliar with LOL. But it was 2am and closing time so we had to leave 😦 The slot was only 12am to 2am for $8nett, pretty cheap given that you get a free standard drink but 2 hours was too short!

Hope that I’ll be able to go KBox soon again, there were many songs that I didn’t sing due to the lack of time! and hopefully, the next time I’ll have a 3-4 hour slot LOL.


First work experience

I was at the childcare for the entire day! It was quite a late notice at about 8pm yesterday and my brother could not make it, so he asked me to replace him LOL. I happily agreed because it would rake in some money but that wasn’t the point altogether of course 😛 I wanted to kill some time and well.. see how good I was with children. And it turns out I am really.. a freshman LOL. Teacher Angela told me a lot of things about the children that I have to take note, and I think I’m approaching expectations after today! 😀

But guess what. I was late on my first day -_- arrived at 9.12am (work is from 9am to 6pm) because I couldn’t find the Childcare centre amidst all the big fat buildings in Raffles Place LOL. Seriously, a childcare in CBD is out to confuse me HAHA. Got lost at Raffles Place- again omg. I ended up at some India International Insurance office and I was like… OMG WHERE AM I LOL.

For the whole day I had to help them pull their pants down to use the toilet, teach them how to wash hands, feed them, play with them, put them to afternoon naps, make sure they don’t hold dangerous objects, get them to exercise, get them to listen to lessons… and so on. Wow, now that I listed the tasks out, it seems like I did quite a bit today LOL. I was offered to give tuition at the centre itself, and I’m still considering if I should take it up. I was told to offer Chinese though HAHAHA I mean… well P4 Chinese isn’t that tough… right 😀 But well, ultimately the choice of subjects is up to me. THAT’S DAMN COOL I SWEAR LOL.

The children are so cute HAHA, was told not to use “kids” because they refer to baby goats 😛 Hosei (not sure spelling LOL) is a Spanish boy who will be staying here only for a few months because of his Dad’s business. Pretty cool huh hahaha, he’s super super mischievous but he will admit to his mistakes and stick his hand out for you to whack when he knows he has done something wrong LOL. So adorable omg. Haitang Haifen Sirui Siqi are the super adorable siblings LOL.

They have such good washroom habits omg. Must wipe, flush toilet, wash hands with soap, sit down wear pants, then can leave the washroom. I don’t think I was ever taught this “strict washroom routine” when I was young LOL.

Cool stuff (and toys) you get at the childcare. Well, that’s apart from learning 弟子规 which totally shocked me. A 3-year-old could memorise the first verse better than I do LOL omg. The childcare does provide pretty good lessons hahaha.

I was told that they would call me up if they were in need of manpower again, because there’s this Teacher Wawa who can’t make it on certain days heh. Let’s hope I get more job opportunities this holiday since it’s a pretty easy job! It means I’ll have to sacrifice my dramas but I don’t mind because I’m getting more exposure to the world hehe.

Love how the adults are so nice 🙂 My first work experience (apart from working in my Dad’s shop in 2010 LOL) and it went amazing whee. Hope I receive more chances to experience different jobs in the future! 🙂


It was a cool day running around City Hall, omitting Labrador Park and the final War Games at the end hahaha.

We were 14 points away from being Top 3 (465 and 479 :() but it was fun nevertheless 😀

Doing cool stuff around Merlion Park HAHAHA I’ve never been here all my life omg. But we failed the history of Singapore station pretty terribly LOL.

The rest didn’t take pictures because we were too busy chionging around 😦

Group photo taken by Sarah’s camera 😀 my hair is a little pong after that 2nd haircut at a random salon downstairs my house 😦 Wlao the nub Auntie totally destroyed the (slight) layer LOL. But nevermind it’ll grow out~ just worrying if my hair quality will get worse? Hopefully not!

A lot of people are still questioning about my short hair HAHA. Sometimes I question myself too.

I used to place bets on my hair- i.e. “I bet with you, if you lose you shave botak, if I lose I cut short hair.”

AND WEIHAN SHAVED BOTAK LAST YEAR CAUSE OF THIS HAHAHA “Pls let me leave at least 1cm.” Omg epic funny, but oh well I remember how it used to be something damn damn damn major that everyone will be 😮 about if you really do it.

I know I look a lot worse now (okay la subjective actually… maybe some people think girls who look like boys damn cool) but I have absolutely no regrets hahaha.

“You look like Auntie omg”
“You look like a P1”
“Your long hair is 1000000x better”
“You have a really fat face”

BUT I don’t think there are that many courageous girls left that would be willing to cut their long locks off to a hair length that cannot be tied up- shoulder-length not counted :D. So yeah I discovered a new trait about myself- I like to try out new things 😀 If you judge me by my looks then too bad 🙂 Maybe I’m a boy in disguise 😀

4G has now 10 out of 23 girls with short hair! Liyin, Shirui, Cathy, Vivian, Jolyn, Yujie, Quekying, Jiawen, Szemin, and me hahaha 😀 Proud to be from this super brave class 🙂 because if you were a girl and reading this now, would you cut your hair short? 🙂

NCC May Camp 2012

The annual May Camp is over! Oh well it’s supposed to be March Camp with the tradition- but unfortunately postponed because of OELP/OCIPs. I couldn’t blog about it earlier because I was too busy with last minute packing, seriously LOL happens all the time 😦

I think that it was pretty slack this year as a Part B spec…? Or maybe because I’m no longer a cadet- BUT THE CADETS ALSO THINK QUITE SLACK mah. Except the usuals…? Nevertheless I think it was a camp quite well carried out so well done Delta ’12, especially to Jiawen Weihan cause I think they pia-ed the whole admin out HAHA. The camp manual is so long I can’t even find my documents LOL. Jieling and Waiyuin too 🙂

Field cooking was supposed to be quite cool this year- literally on field ma hahaha 😀

but unfortunately there was lightning risk (and sounds of thunder) we had to move in 😦

The (few) games planned were pretty good too!

Anyway, well done Part Bs especially BOTH boys and girls for the performance. Mr Ho commented that it was the best guys performance he had seen in a long long time 🙂 I think all of us were damn impressed too HAHA. Overall standard was fine too, the Part B boys and girls make a good combination hahaha 😀

Rest well cadets for running and chionging around so much (even though venues are much nearer this year), but most importantly REST WELL DELTA ’12 YOU ALL WERE ZOMBIES HAHA. Zombie-ing around like soulless bodies LOL

…and the two dead birds (or dying birds) on the grandstand on 3rd day morning after the supposedly HARSH THUNDERSTORM that I completely slept through cause I was so tired. Haiz, quite inhumane to watch it go through a slow and painful death but what could we do?! 😦

Midway through our first day, Senior Shirleen came back for Talentime! She bought us 11 100plus 😀 Totally miss my Part A ’09 specialists hahaha. THANK YOU Sarah for handing me the Army Open House goodie bag omg, THANKS A LOT :DDD totally love it HAHAHA.

Oops I think I slept the most- about 6 hours in total for both nights. I sincerely apologise 🙂 HAHAHA but I had to because I ran the most for PT… right 😀 AND THEN SHORT HAIR DON’T NEED WAIT TO DRY, EASY WASH, HAHAHA. Seriously felt like a boss every morning when everyone chionging re-tie bun and I’m just sitting there… LOL. But sadly my hair is starting to pong out 😦

Slept 6.5 hours after returning home hohoho, from 5pm to 11.30pm, and I am about to continue because I have HACAS camp tomorrow 😀 Seriously LOL pia-ing my holidays away. May Camp, HACAS Camp, Famine Camp, Delta Chalet ’12 HAHA. Haven’t told my Mom about Delta chalet, hopefully she’ll allow given that my GPA improved from last term? 🙂 Still pretty sore about CID oops but I shall 知足 or else I will drop further! 😀

Fishhead Steamboat

Went to eat fishhead steamboat at Whampoa for Uncle’s birthday! It was pretty good (and I guess healthy) cause I ate a lot of vegetables LOL.

Forgot to take a picture of it before the meal LOL so it looks pretty cui HAHAHA. Ooops but the point is not the food la hor… 🙂

Ate a coffee bun and drank milk after returning home.. before munching on strawberries zz. WELL DONE HP. Simply explains why I’m growing- only horizontally.


Today’s Chem Prac was pretty interesting- fermentation of grape wine 😀

But it was a little gross how each and every person took two grapes to peel (the skin) off, some didn’t even wash their hands HAHAHA.

But then again, we ain’t gonna drink it anyway. We just popped it in the blender 😀 and added some “Chinese yeast” LOL.

Cool product HAHA sealed with the parafilm…?

Can’t wait to see the fruits of our labour in a month’s time (pun intended)! Ms Loh said that there will be a colour change 🙂

I’m eating… supper at a hawker centre now. Somewhere cool, of course. I know I just had dinner 4 hours ago but LOL YOU CAN NEVER TURN DOWN THE OFFER OF SUPPER. Siblings and cousin left house because I stubbornly refused to go along (wanted to finish up my Math assignment) HAHA. But I was too tempted so I told my brother to U-turn back to fetch me HAHAHA

Indecisive kid for the win.

So here I am eating supper. With dessert somemore LOL.

Fat max HAHAHA but I love my family for living the life~ I’ll never choose to live a different life 🙂 I think I lead a totally awesome life with the best family members ever, wheeee~

Oh well, gotta go back to start packing for May Camp and finish up assignments LOL Teachers are chionging like crazy omg. And so are the students.

And ooh, no regrets for my short hair. Yet 😀 because I know I will never have another chance again! 🙂



Erm most of it was swept away already but YAH YOU GET THE IDEA! MY LONG HAIR (haven’t cut for more than 7 months!!!) is GONE!!! All these 16 years of my life I have NEVER ever cut short hair- got close to cutting it in P6 but backed out eventually HEHE. Somemore all along the most I cut is shoulder-length hair omg!!!


Omg I honestly REALLY REALLY don’t usually camwhore at home but my short hair feels so good HAHAHA. So light omg. Omg damn happy that I cut 😀 No regrets at all LOLOL IN FACT I’M THINKING WHY SO LONG 😦 Mom keep misleading me say TOO SHORT TOO SHORT then I okok enough THEN IN THE END QUITE LONG WOAH.

Let’s hope I don’t get caught for the next 4 days since the holidays are approaching 😦 AND I NEED TO LEARN HOW TO PUT ON A HAIR NET HAHAHAHA OMG I’M FAILING VERY VERY TERRIBLY 😦

BUT STILL DAMN HIGH AND HAPPY HAHAHA 😀 I don’t care about all the guys’ comments omg they aren’t affecting me at all- bunch of shallow people 😀 4G SHORT HAIR CLUB WE ROCK YO HAHAHA

I whip my hair back and forth~ 😀