River Valley Concert Band @ Istana

I was really really lazy this morning (I got addicted to Wattpad at like 2.30am last night LOL couldn’t stop reading chapter after chapter. Omg I really kinda like how I don’t have Twitter anymore- I have more time to read Ebooks, watch dramas and everything). Let’s hope this mindset will continue- it’s been 24 HOURS without Twitter (only?!) AND I’M SURVIVING QUITE OKAY HAHAHA.

Finally one burden less- must “finish reading my timeline” or else I cannot start revision LOL. Oh well, and I actually revised for Econs yesterday night. I’m starting to surprise myself HAHAHA.

But anyway, headed down to Istana with Edina to watch Concert Band perform πŸ˜› Well..

It would feel quite good to see our own school performing at Istana so I was thinking- why not? πŸ˜€

So… yeah, we were late, HAHAHA. DUH. Had to go through a queue of checking IC, bag checks (security checks) and hence it took even longer.

Waiting in line like a good girl. We were camwhoring everyone was giving us weird looks- it was all families around us and they would probably be thinking, what are two teenagers doing here LOL.

And well, we finally got in! Before realising it’s a complete patch of grass…

with a traffic light…?

The people decked in No.1 and rifles had to be marching around HAHA. It was quite funny cause they had to look all stern and everything. I wonder if that’s how people feel when we’re marching LOL.

I SWEAR THE ROAD WAS NEVER ENDING, perspiring like crazy walking up slopes and slopes before we finally reached a place where we heard some instruments playing- and there it was! River Valley Concert Band πŸ™‚ Everyone was so focused and we just sat down on the grass watching them play songs after songs, thinking “Wah they a lot of breath hor”

And I think half the people there were parents of bandsmen/levelmates who came to support LOL. I spotted so many familiar faces it was a little awkward πŸ˜›

Then they were done after like 20minutes?! We came too late they were already halfway through the performance HAHAHA.

Yeah yeah I know most horrible background but they were rushing off LOL

A shot with the 4G bandsmen! πŸ˜›

And after a while we just went back- while Edina was spazzing over the guards? The cuter one earlier on had left- they changed shifts HAHAHA. But we took a picture with one of them anyway.

Out of the Istana we went- TO GONGCHA LOL GUILT TRIP AGAIN 😦 Haiz. And my family had steamboat for dinner today- with such a wide wide spread it’s crazy.

Tell me how to lose weight. I’ve been doing calorie counting but it isn’t working because I have such good food at home everyday! 😦

2 more hours to Forensic Heroes. HAHAHA πŸ˜€

Kang Tze’s phone got confiscated during RV Lit lesson yesterday- which means he doesn’t have a phone over the Labour Day holidays. Kena in Physics for playing Scramble liao, now kena again. HAHA omg sorry it’s hilarious.

Let’s hope he doesn’t see this! πŸ˜€


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