Xing a song for you

Happy birthday Sarah!

(will update this space tomorrow, right now I’m left with minimal hours to study for Geog & SCS tomorrow- not mentioning I’ve NOT started on Geog.)
Aha, perhaps deactivating my Twitter wasn’t a bad choice afterall. πŸ™‚

Edit: (3/5/2012 7pm)

I thought it was pretty much over for my schedule until I looked at my organiser.

I’d been pushing everything back just to study for my tests HAHA.

Okay can’t wait for tomorrow, TGIF + long weekend.

WAH SHIOK HAHAHA ALL THE HOLIDAYS ARE TOGETHER. But after Vesak Day school holiday all over liao 😦

Anyway yes we went to Sakae Sushi Teatime buffet yesterday (my treat of course!) Wanted to treat her to Benten Cafe at Jurong Point- but it suddenly hit me that there was a Sakae Sushi outlet near our school. And well there I was in class craving for some sushi. HAHA. Okay now you know πŸ˜›

So we went- Cathy joined because we started asking the class who wanted (last minute LOL) and then 4 guys joined in as well. Feasted like crazy- split tables so that we had space to study Econs/Geog. Yes, desperation man LOL.

But it was quite distracting (but fun! no regrets~) because they started messing around with Cathy’s phone, sending weird messages to her mom. And my god the replies were so epic our laughters were echo-ing throughout the whole outlet- it was really really quiet and there were very little people.

“δ½†ζ˜―ε¦‚ζžœδ½ ηœŸηš„ηˆ±δ»–οΌŒζˆ‘δΈδ»‹ζ„γ€‚γ€‚γ€‚β€œ

LOL. Omg I seriously going to die laughing thinking about this HAHAHA. Went home quickly to study for tests though- muggers1996. The guys + Cathy went back to school for consultation… wow. DEDICATED KIDS THERE.

So yeah there, happy 16th Sarah! Most of the content is in your card- but still you’ve been a real great friend! Thanks for accompanying me to develop photos and everything today too- you totally didn’t have to but thanks, at least I had company! πŸ™‚ Hope you’ve enjoyed your birthday with the truckloads of presents you received from all your admirers. Stay pretty and grow fatter soon- I have absolutely no idea how you maintain that figure with your eating habits! Teach me! 😦

I was real pekcek last night. I hadn’t started on Geog- and flipping through the notes totally made me mad. I was looking through all the resources and scope when I realised there were so many words and paragraphs I had to memorise one by one- and I had barely started. Seriously I ought to thank the heavens and earth that I didn’t burst out crying looking at my notes. Well, that’s what I get for doing everything last minute. Serve myself right!

OH AND I EVEN WATCHED FORENSIC HEROES 3 LAST NIGHT. LOL. My motivation to get through 6pm to 9pm.

In the end I slept at 3am finishing only 2 out of 3 topics- I got so weak I decided I’ll just do it in school. My sleeping habits aren’t that godly anymore- I get tired by 1-2am 😦 Now where were the days I would stay up studying till 4am without any problems?!


Anyway Econs and Geog WENT BADLY. Haiz. Especially Geog. 😦 Byebye my only A1*. Hais. I don’t regret staying up that late to study- but I regret not having started early. Ever since I started the year off mugging in advance for many subjects, I haven’t been able to do last minute work well anymore. Miss my stamina and chiongskillz :/

Shall stop rambling and finish up my assignments! πŸ˜€


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