I’m really really tired and I’m barely done with Climatic Types- still memorising Equatorial and there’s Tropical Monsoon & Mediterranean.

Wonderful LOL this is when I start regretting wasting my weekends away again.

I remember this song. Watched this drama when I was P2, or maybe P3. Unfortunately, all I remember is Charmaine Sheh being a night soil collector.

But the song evokes such a strong sense of familiarity in me heh. The times… when I ran to the sofa with my siblings to sit down like three little pigs and watch the drama together hahaha. The times.


Triumph in the Skies II is coming 😀 FINALLY HAHA. Watched the first series in P3, rewatched it last year, AND YAY CAN’T WAIT FOR THE SEQUEL. Even though after the filming I’d probably be over with A Levels- I’d still be looking really forward to it 😛

Oh okay now it’s back to.. Equatorial Climate. Amazing LOL I DON’T THINK I’LL GET TO SLEEP BY 3AM AT THIS RATE- I’m getting really lazy at memorising sigh.


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