Kim’s Family Restaurant


Went to eat near West Coast today (hehe hence wearing like shit HAHA)

Most people there were wearing crappily anyway- probably because it’s like a restaurant located near home 🙂 Korean restaurant- to be exact.


The typical Korean side dishes 😀 Free and refillable! shiok hahaha 😀 We kept refilling the egg + hotdog and the fishcake 😛


Kimchi Pancake! This was good but my parents said it was too salty… but I liked it that way leh HAHA. Spicy + salty, nice nice nice!!!


My brother’s 炸酱面 hahaha. It was super delicious 🙂


My spicy pork rice or something! Was so delicious teehee loved every bit of it 😀 Oh obviously I didn’t finish the whole portion la!!! SO LARGE LOL. THE PORK was so juicy/tender and delicious omg 😀 But my family took most of it cause it was too delicious… thankfully (or sadly?) 😀


And a final picture after all that food! Okay oops I look like I’m forced to smile hahaha.

Tired from eating? 😀 Okay no such thing HAHAHA.

…this is the worst guilt ever:


Gongcha boohoohoo. Walked to West Coast Plaza to buy after our meal cause of dumb 9pm cravings HAHA. Nevermind, was super shagged from swimming this morning- let’s treat it as a… reward? Haiz weight gain again ;-( can never lose man. Must exerise more!!!

Time to studyyyyy, with Twitter deactivated once again. I tweet less now 😀 even with Twitter activated. So glad hahaha. Cause I don’t know what to tweet anymore…? HAHA maybe.

Motivation: 19 more days to the start of June holidays 😀 (or May camp…?) omgomg so many dramas I want to watch, so much catching up I need to do, and FINALLY SOME TIME TO BE AWAY FROM ACADEMICS 😦

but sadly, 18 more acts to stepping down. Hais.


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