Thomson Road

Went to visit various nurseries along Thomson Road today!

Nope I’m not kidding teehee! And it was near Mediacorp HAHA Jiawei was going crazy LOL “maybe we can see some celebrities while looking at flowers”


And I saw a Venus Flytrap for the first time in my life (I think- cause I have no impression of it at all)

We were trying to throw stuff in but it wouldn’t consume it or anything HAHA. I wonder where the insects come from hmm! Pretty amazing anyway, then we went around looking at cactuses and fake flowers as well. Come to think of it, we did visit many nurseries LOL.

And oh well, we spent the afternoon chionging the project at my home hahaha. And thus… LOL.

Too bored…? nah. Actually I think my webcam function is quite amazing hahaha and the quality isn’t that bad either πŸ™‚

Okay the rest of the pictures are work related so I can’t put them up here but it was a great morning/afternoon πŸ˜€ No regrets embarking on this project for CID4!

So much revision to do for Chem and Math but yet so lazy haiz. I’m… so complacent. 😦 Being lazy probably means I’ll have to stay up late tonight- and fall asleep in lessons tomorrow. It happens all the time because I’m just so lazy zzz.

7 minutes to Forensic Heroes 3 anyway πŸ˜€


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