ORD lo!

Was excited for the whole day today- cause would be attending Yang’s ORD parade at night HAHAHA. It might not seem very spectacular but it’s been quite a long time since I witnessed a parade and I was looking forward to all the leopard tanks hohoho šŸ˜€

Scraped through school trying my best to stay awake (and quite successful teehee)

I left after last parade hahaha WHEEE I was so excited to get myself out of school to parade LOL I HAD NO IDEA WHY. Maybe because it’s TGIF as well. I mean after I get home it’s probably HAHAA BEDTIME HAHAHA SLEEP FOR LIFE šŸ™‚

So whooo~ chiong bathed in school and my brother came to pick me up from school šŸ˜€

Choping seat at Sungei Gedong Camp! Wanted to go forward and take pictures with the tanks- WELL YOU DON’T REALLY GET TO DO SO ON A DAILY BASIS but then we decided it was too embarrassing and we would be sacrificing our third-row seats LOL šŸ˜€

Parade started promptly at 7pm. SAF is always the most punctual (too accurate liao- I still remember NDP Parade started promptly at 6.48pm as well LOL)

Some cool tank to make everyone spazz.

Marching in with SAR21 OMG LOL it’s heavy man, I wonder how they stood for 1 hour holding that 4kg+ bolster. No one frll out ley and somemore Yang said they rehearsed like 5-6 times LOL ADMIRATION.

Yang’s parents came and took picture for us šŸ˜€

Yang looking cool HAHAHA he looks so different usually omg. ę”¹å˜å½¢č±” to the max HAHA.

Nice picture taken together! šŸ˜€ But he looks completely wet LOL everyone smelt like skunks and were dripping like water taps.

Headed to the Cookhouse to have some food šŸ˜› We expected like some damn good food (SORRY LA ENGINEER CAMP MAKE ME LOVE COOKHOUSE FOOD MAX) but then the spread is… kinda DIFFERENT LOL. Okay Seletar East Camp for the win? šŸ˜›

The big big cookhouse!

Our food! Everyone had the same servings I think. Wah chao fried and oily cannot take it LOL. I had to ask for less omg they really feed the NSmen like pigs.

Taking pictures with the tanks on the way out. Somehow we just had to mark our visit LOL that camp was so ulu and so inaccessible omg. Don’t think I’ll ever be going back again- like I said all my relatives have ORD-ed le! Wah chao fast hahaha I’m growing up very quickly too šŸ˜¦

Went to eat 2nd dinner omg fat max LOL I’m going to go for a run tomorrow evening/night no matter what! šŸ˜¦

Starting to really like the Part Bs (their standard today is… nice seriously LOL NO SARCASM AT ALL) but I’m left with 13 acts omg. Sometimes I can’t believe it myself hahaha- I felt that it was such a drag at the start of specialist life but now everything is going too quickly :/ Not to mention… my NCC life is coming to a complete end soon.

Seriously haiz. :/ TOO FAST PLEASEEEE ;-( I want to go back to Part A life… :/


One thought on “ORD lo!

  1. viewer14816

    :O Is it possible for you to “renew” your term in NCC then? Since you really enjoy it, consider so if possible?
    Sometimes in life, we find time running too fast, while at times we hope that it can be faster. Contradicting right? šŸ˜¦
    While there is still chance, seize the opportunity to enjoy!! No U-turn isn’t it?


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