Today’s Chem Prac was pretty interesting- fermentation of grape wine 😀

But it was a little gross how each and every person took two grapes to peel (the skin) off, some didn’t even wash their hands HAHAHA.

But then again, we ain’t gonna drink it anyway. We just popped it in the blender 😀 and added some “Chinese yeast” LOL.

Cool product HAHA sealed with the parafilm…?

Can’t wait to see the fruits of our labour in a month’s time (pun intended)! Ms Loh said that there will be a colour change 🙂

I’m eating… supper at a hawker centre now. Somewhere cool, of course. I know I just had dinner 4 hours ago but LOL YOU CAN NEVER TURN DOWN THE OFFER OF SUPPER. Siblings and cousin left house because I stubbornly refused to go along (wanted to finish up my Math assignment) HAHA. But I was too tempted so I told my brother to U-turn back to fetch me HAHAHA

Indecisive kid for the win.

So here I am eating supper. With dessert somemore LOL.

Fat max HAHAHA but I love my family for living the life~ I’ll never choose to live a different life 🙂 I think I lead a totally awesome life with the best family members ever, wheeee~

Oh well, gotta go back to start packing for May Camp and finish up assignments LOL Teachers are chionging like crazy omg. And so are the students.

And ooh, no regrets for my short hair. Yet 😀 because I know I will never have another chance again! 🙂


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