First work experience

I was at the childcare for the entire day! It was quite a late notice at about 8pm yesterday and my brother could not make it, so he asked me to replace him LOL. I happily agreed because it would rake in some money but that wasn’t the point altogether of course 😛 I wanted to kill some time and well.. see how good I was with children. And it turns out I am really.. a freshman LOL. Teacher Angela told me a lot of things about the children that I have to take note, and I think I’m approaching expectations after today! 😀

But guess what. I was late on my first day -_- arrived at 9.12am (work is from 9am to 6pm) because I couldn’t find the Childcare centre amidst all the big fat buildings in Raffles Place LOL. Seriously, a childcare in CBD is out to confuse me HAHA. Got lost at Raffles Place- again omg. I ended up at some India International Insurance office and I was like… OMG WHERE AM I LOL.

For the whole day I had to help them pull their pants down to use the toilet, teach them how to wash hands, feed them, play with them, put them to afternoon naps, make sure they don’t hold dangerous objects, get them to exercise, get them to listen to lessons… and so on. Wow, now that I listed the tasks out, it seems like I did quite a bit today LOL. I was offered to give tuition at the centre itself, and I’m still considering if I should take it up. I was told to offer Chinese though HAHAHA I mean… well P4 Chinese isn’t that tough… right 😀 But well, ultimately the choice of subjects is up to me. THAT’S DAMN COOL I SWEAR LOL.

The children are so cute HAHA, was told not to use “kids” because they refer to baby goats 😛 Hosei (not sure spelling LOL) is a Spanish boy who will be staying here only for a few months because of his Dad’s business. Pretty cool huh hahaha, he’s super super mischievous but he will admit to his mistakes and stick his hand out for you to whack when he knows he has done something wrong LOL. So adorable omg. Haitang Haifen Sirui Siqi are the super adorable siblings LOL.

They have such good washroom habits omg. Must wipe, flush toilet, wash hands with soap, sit down wear pants, then can leave the washroom. I don’t think I was ever taught this “strict washroom routine” when I was young LOL.

Cool stuff (and toys) you get at the childcare. Well, that’s apart from learning 弟子规 which totally shocked me. A 3-year-old could memorise the first verse better than I do LOL omg. The childcare does provide pretty good lessons hahaha.

I was told that they would call me up if they were in need of manpower again, because there’s this Teacher Wawa who can’t make it on certain days heh. Let’s hope I get more job opportunities this holiday since it’s a pretty easy job! It means I’ll have to sacrifice my dramas but I don’t mind because I’m getting more exposure to the world hehe.

Love how the adults are so nice 🙂 My first work experience (apart from working in my Dad’s shop in 2010 LOL) and it went amazing whee. Hope I receive more chances to experience different jobs in the future! 🙂


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