SANA Course

Visited 李老师 yesterday! 😀 Her house was so convenient (and accessible) we had no problems accessing the location at all hahaha.

We had a nice time catching up, mostly talking about old classmates but the best thing was that my mouth never stopped LOL. 李老师 kept on taking chocolates from her refrigerator, and some garlic toast cracker that was so delicious omg.

MY MOUTH WOULDN’T STOP MOVING LOL. All of us kept on munching and munching on junk food and CHOCOLATES.. my god. I think I intook like 1000 calories at one go. Or maybe more. CAUSE THERE WAS JUST SO MANY CHOCOLATES. MILK, DARK, LIGHT, MATCHA, a bit ginger taste also have… wah simply behaved like a pig I swear. EAT EAT EAT LIKE ONE MONTH NEVER EAT. Haiz LOL nevermind I haven’t taken in so much junk food at one go in such a long time…

And then there was her (around) 9-month-old baby! 😀

Had a fun time playing with it although it started crying all of a sudden sometimes LOL. And the baby honeystars was pretty cool 🙂

Left after a few hours cause most of us had to get home for dinner. Okay maybe only me, since I had Chilli Crabs for dinner at home HAHAHA. But I was quite full from all that junk food so I didn’t eat much at home afterwards… sadly 😦

Went for SANA today. Yup, SANA badge course HAHAHA. I know I’m Year 4 and it’s nearing the end of my term… but since I made the trip to Sengkang early in the morning just to follow my cadets, might as well attend the course together with them and get the badge/certificate right 😀 Regardless whether you’re attending the course or not, the specialist present has to stay there from 8am to 4pm anyway. So… just sit through the lectures lor. 😀

I almost died cause I was so sleepy omg. Thankfully I survived it and passed the test! 🙂 They didn’t read out full-markers anyway bleah HAHAHA. AIYA NOT LIKE I GOT FULL MARKS LOL. Got one question I 50% 50% then my gut feeling wrong zzz well done woohoo.

Nearing the end there was some paper circulating around for you to scribble some messages or draw something simple according to the template given, while the people involved in skits were outside rehearsing (Part Bs ftw). I think RVHS one coolest, not that I biased but their skit really most interesting what! HAHAHA 😀

…and anyway I embarrassingly got a prize for this LOL. Top 5 wor… 😀 “I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw this.” Awyeah thanks 🙂 HAHAHA

QUITE CUTE WHAT HAHAHAHA I only had ONE PEN and I could actually come up with this okay! Drawn cause of the Cold Turkey Treatment, mostly for people who consume Heroin 🙂 Wah see I listened attentively leh HAHAHA. Not bad sia~

Overall the course wasn’t as bad as I expected and it’s the second educational badge course I attended- first being Water Ambassador Programme that has already been phased out for strange reasons LOL.


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