Earning money

He left yesterday 😦 back to Spain. Teacher Ruth was telling the kids “You’ll not see Hosei for a very very long time…”
she means forever. Hahaha. I felt so sad omg :(( got attachment with that small cute fat boy please… 🙂

Seriously after all the sessions at the childcare I think I’ll never dare to overspend again LOL. Slog from morning to night… just to earn some money. I do get a decent pay but when I calculate it by the hours I get really sad and think about all the times I spent money without thinking. Wonder what I was doing man… hard-earned money much LOL.

Okay at least I know now! Shall not overspend from now on 🙂 Yay shall take the money I earned to spend during chalet 😀 Slog 4 days, finish spending in 3 days. Ouch max.

I’m left with 7 episodes of 海派甜心! It’s getting really nice (and sad) so I’m really sad as I inch closer to the ending 😦 hais I’m definitely going to have a lot of withdrawal symptoms after finishing this drama again, how do I get so emotionally attached to random things easily LOL. This drama is going to hold so much memories again hahaa 😀 I’ll probably miss this year’s June holidays and be reminded of the drama over and over again 🙂

Also, 法证先锋3 is ending soon 😦 WA SIAN why all good things come to an end nooo!

School is going to reopen with no more dramas! Time to study… okay I am reminded of my homework list which is 0% completed HAHA. Nevermind, I’ll start on the 15th of June 🙂 I swear HAHA


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