30-Hour Famine Camp


Okay that’s kinda a YOU DON’T SAY HAHAHA. The friends made were really good, starving experience was nice but if you were to talk about impact and awareness of hunger and poverty issues in other countries, I would say OCIP Cambodia had a much stronger impact on me… in fact it’s beyond comparison. OCIP Cambodia really made me feel fortunate and privileged to be born in Singapore, to be EVEN glad that I get to pursue education. This camp was more of the fun in activities in my opinion hahaha.

The rescue aid mission was quite fun honestly, though not very mentally challenging as mentioned oops. Prostitution became easy as a job (oops) and it was kinda annoying how they cut the queues off saying that “This is life”, especially when we spent like half our lives queuing for water (and yeah we didn’t get any). Okay maybe that’s really life in other countries hahaha.

My family didn’t survive to the very end, sadly. But I know we tried our best as a group, communicating through WhatsApp to go to the job centre/hospital/education centre/clocktower etc. Technology is indeed very efficient hahaha.

Random night activity LOL. I’m on the wrong hand cause they turned the cardboard and we were so sleepy and lazy to move :/

2nd day at Marina Bay Sands was pretty fun! Raising awareness about hunger and poverty across the city area hehe. Unfortunately many thought we were asking for donations and avoided us when we approached them 😦 I approached one lady and excitedly “Hello we’re from a youth organisation-” and she cut me off. “I’m from Greenpeace, and I’ve done … … …” Isn’t Greenpeace an environmental organisation? -_-

Honestly midway through we just dropped the part about raising awareness and started “Excuse me could you spare some time to sign on our board?” before rambling on and on about hunger awareness, and I’m pretty sure no one would be listening by then. Most people know about hunger and poverty in other states, just that most people can’t be bothered to give a flying hoot mah.

That was quite lil signatures but I didn’t have time to take anymore pictures HAHAHA.

Starvation for this camp was quite fun but it didn’t really bring about much awareness…? Most of the time I wasn’t hungry, probably cause most of us ι₯Ώεˆ°ι₯±. I think there are days whereby I’d feel hungrier at 12am or something. Sorry to repeat this but OCIPs would bring about much much more impact and awareness, and really trigger us to think. Or just perhaps this certain OCIP was crafted out specially to impact us- we even visited the slums to see their poor living conditions and how they had to make do with their small living area.

But I’ve quite an awesome group so the friends made from this are pretty awesome! We were making one another hungry by sending pictures of delicious food LOL it was quite funny when we were all clustered around each other and everyone was WhatsApp-ing pictures of food to the group.. I’m quite sure most of us will end up as hi-bye friends in time to come so let’s cherish the friendship while it’s still there πŸ™‚ Waiting for Yingquan to upload the pictures!


Oh and let’s not mention SMS-ing Jieling and Chenxi throughout the camp LOL. Omg such retards seriously HAHAHA but it’s damn funny when I’m falling asleep and then the interesting messages come in. I think retard(ness) increases with hunger LOL. Text ah, text somemore πŸ™‚ HAHAHA.

AND THE FINAL COUNTDOWN! I was so full after eating the dinner provided… my stomach just kept on growling and growling with every bite I took but my brain was telling me I’m full! I couldn’t decide whether I was hungry or full omg and 15minutes later I felt the sharp intense pain in my stomach I ATE TOO MUCH LOL WHAT THE!!!!! Why my brain respond so slowly 😦 And then I was really really full -_- But I still went ahead to drink Koi at Clementi with Jieling and Chenxi LOL.

…ooh and I was pretty annoyed when (some) people insisted on bathing when the facilitators already said no bathing -_- seriously? Too dirty for you? What are you doing in this camp then -_- not that I’m a dirty disgusting piece of meat but come on la you starve for cause then you insist on bathing to be a clean girl… nice ah.

I think my JC CCA will be confirmed as of tomorrow…?

My family is really very supportive LOL including my parents and siblings πŸ™‚ Really glad that I have the freedom of choice hahaha πŸ˜€ But for now, I’m still in the most awesome CCA ever, duh RVNCC πŸ˜€


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