RVNCC Delta ’12 Chalet

I enjoyed myself thoroughly in Delta chalet 2012 🙂 I must say this has been one of the most fun-filled chalet I’ve been to, probably because everyone was quite comfortable with spending money LOL. As quoted from Jieling “去chalet就是花钱的吗!“ Had great meals and many many great activities 😀

I arrived late on the first day because it was the last day of Fatpipe promotion, and I had to buy my floorball stick as soon as possible LOL. I think my stick damn chio! 😀 damn dull compared to Jiawen cause I’m a dark dark girl HAHAH. But I’ll probably get sick of it after a few months HAHA. It’s okay! I bought the cheapest stick 😀

Okay so here was the programme schedule for the past few days HAHAHA.

The first thing I went for upon arrival Party World KTV! I knew KBox closed down but I didn’t know they built Party World! about $9.20 for 2 hours which was pretty reasonable hohoho. But 2 hours was obviously too short 😛 After that we had Pastamania for dinner HAHA. It was a good meal yet quite affordable (maybe because I chose something cheap la) but we (Yixin and I only actually) were feeding mosquitoes by sitting in the open -_- okay feel kinda dumb now LOL the mozzie bites are still itching up till now! 😦

Our picture taken at Pastamania! We asked the person who served us food to help us take a shot so it’s a little screwed because it isn’t even focused >_> boo. Yixin took a nicer one but SHE’S NOT INSIDE SO :(((

Bought CupWalker (omg $1.60 milk tea for the win) before heading back to the chalet to slack for a while. We were getting bored and so we headed to the bowling alley HAHA. Omg the thing I really love about Costa Sands is the convenience even though the room can be compared to the size of an ant!!!! It’s like we can leave and enter anytime we want, and we’re just right next to EHub 😀 No wonder the chalet rooms are so pricey hahaha. By the time we ended our two games it was around 12am? Huimin rented horror DVDs to watch late at night but I couldn’t take it because all the lights were off and I got really really sleepy despite it being a horror movie ~.~ so I played my Pokemon Yellow and took a nap HAHAHA.

& well, WE PLAYED WITH LIGHT PAINTING OMG so cool HAHA. We looked like retards using our handphone torches moving our hands up and down yet trying to stay stationary. Weihan was experimenting with this and we got really excited LOL so we drew damn cool stuff. Omg DSLRs are so cool 😀 LOLOL so fun

OMG I DREW THE TREE HAHAHA. Quite cool right! so difficult to do the curves all those especially in mirror image BUT OH WELL AT LEAST YOU CAN STILL SEE THAT IT’S A TREE! 😀

and well, I drew the upper butterfly wing 😀 with my handphone torch LOL.

Blackberry Torch’s torch ftw HAHAHA it was quite bright (and really glaring) 😀

After that it got a little creepy at 3.20am when Jieling was attempting some ghost shots and we quickly headed back into the chalet LOL.

Talked rubbish till 5am and slept till 7.30am the next day 🙂 for Mac breakfast! And then did shopping for BBQ woohoo.

Thankfully Wild Wild Wet was open, we thought it would be closed on Tuesdays 😀 so a group of us headed to Wild Wild Wet while the others who weren’t interested went to catch a movie. Omg, it was my first time at Wild Wild Wet!!! HAHAHAHA 😀 YES 16 YEARS OF MY LIFE I’ve only been to Escape Theme Park!

It was damn fun but about 2 hours through the slides, bucket pouring and everything I got a little breathless cause my clothes were really heavy…? I don’t know I just felt this very 沉重 feeling and I decided to get out of the pool while everyone else was playing cause I was feeling pretty worried for myself HAHAHA. After the jacuzzi of secrets (:D), we took a quick shower at Wild Wild Wet (HAHA RE ENTRY FOR THE WIN) and headed for lunch at Just Acia 😀 Crazy LOL sinful food! I shared a meal with Jiawen and I got really really full because the Blueberry Ripple ice-cream was so nice omg!!! so cool flavours 😀

Fetched Gertie and Yenting cause they were getting lost LOL, did somemore last minute shopping for BBQ and prepared for BBQ 😀 Annual event yayyy.

And for the first time in history, the whole platoon turned up for BBQ! 12/12 omg 😀 Even usual BBQs at Chenxi/Tina’s house etc also won’t have full attendance! Jasmine brought her polaroid along 😀 unfortunately too dark then the polaroid abit screwed HAHAHA but still a nice nice memory!!! 🙂 Of course, we had quite a few platoon pictures taken with Yixin’s DSLR HOOHOHO. Platoon pictures at Pasir Ris omg that is so hell rare!!!! 😀

Woohoo the pro BBQ-ing. Okay nah lah I burnt a few hotdogs -_- ABIT ONLY LA HAHAHA. It was freaking hot omg and the fumes were entering my eyes like crazy. Sucks to stand at the back 😦 Standing at the front is always better LOL.

Complete platoon picture 😀 WOOHOO.

BBQ ended quite early cause we started quite early…? I mean afterall Annqing Tina Yenting Gertie had to leave by MRT 😦 so we were trying to find night cycling urgh BUT ALL BICYCLE RENTAL SHOPS CLOSED 😦 Wah siao close so early, thought we could at least cycle an hour or two boo. Tried to find movies to watch but too late, then we decided to go Party World KTV again. Yixin was feeling damn faint (and she looked damn scary) PROBABLY BECAUSE SHE SLEPT ONLY A FEW MINUTES omg siao at least I slept 2.5hours. So unfortunately she went back with Huimin while the rest of us went to KTV…

and bloody we found out that the night rate was $20 LOL. So I decided going KBox at Bedok ($8 nett) with midnight taxi fare (max of $5 each?) would be cheaper than $20 at KTV… given the same amount of time (2 hours). so we went back to bathe to get rid of the barbecue smell in our hair :S AND THANKFULLY by the time we reached Pasir Ris MRT, we were in time to catch the last train! omg so heng hahaha if we missed it we would totally good game man.

Went crazy at Bedok Point while Jieling fell asleep because she was too sleepy…? OK U DONT SAY HAHAHA. I was singing at the top of my lungs because there were many many many Chinese songs LOL EXISTENCE OF CHENXI FTW. We ended with One Thing by One Direction, by then it was 2am yet we were damn high and jumping around on the sofa HAHAHA. Got really breathless and tired after the song cause we were totally screaming it out LOL GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!

Wearing the Same Same shirt we bought from Cambodia LOL Jiawen and Jasmine didn’t wear/have so HAHAHA. Truly same same but different in terms of colours 😀

We wanted (actually, I wanted) to have supper at a cool hawker centre nearby but there was none in sight 😦 so we just cabbed back to the chalet and slept the rest of the night away at 2.30am.

Had about 4 hours of sleep before Yixin woke us up today at 6.45am to clean up LOL SO EARLY OMG LIKE GOING SCHOOL. Quickly packed our bags and zombiefied around in the chalet for an hour or so because we were all just too dead. Had our last meal- breakfast at Burger King before going home…

and I reached home at 10am++? My whole family asked why I came home so early LOLOL 早回家有错吗?! but hell I missed the big space of my home hohoho and I get to sleep on my bed instead of awkward sitting positions today… no longer need to sleep on table, no longer need to cross legs to take up as little space as possible teehee. Home is still the best! 😀

Delta ’12 chalet was damn awesome cause everyone was super on heh, thank you Yixin for organising this once again, and no matter what happens this/next year to us, I hope we’ll always stay as close. The rest of the pictures are with Weihan, let’s hope he’ll upload soon especially the bowling and RVNCC company self-timer shots heh!

RVNCC Delta Company (girls + guys) for the win 🙂


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