Happy Fathers’ Day!

Oh well, it was yesterday but I was too sleepy (and lazy) to blog and edit photos yesterday so now HAHAHA.

It was sort of a crazy morning after sleeping at 2.30am- I had to wake up at 7.30am to get to school for CID, then chiong off to swimming complex by 11am for swimming lesson, and afterwards I had to quickly shop for a fathers’ day cake.

I was zombifying around in school LOL I TOTALLY LIED ON THE (gross) FLOOR oops so sorry, I was too tired to move around :S

but so anyway, after all that, there was fathers’ day dinner at night which kept me going through the day 😀

After a year or so we are back at Prima Tower again! hehe 🙂

My sister’s favourite hobby: camwhoring on the car LOL. and hence I show my disapproval 🙂

Waiting for food WHICH WAS DAMN DAMN LONG and I was getting impatient cause I was really hungry 😦

Group picture with my cousins 😀

Some dishes, Peking duck, that damn delicious fish (my favourite HAHA). Not uploading the rest because I’m too lazy to edit HAHAHA.

Family photo after getting fat from all the food hehehe!

Cake at home 🙂 hehehe. I don’t think my dad expected it!

Happy fathers’ day (even though this came late) Papa! You’ll never see this (or comprehend this :S) but thank you for being such an awesome dad, being my chauffeur early in the morning HAHAHA. Jumping out of your bed, chionging to school for me whenever I was running late 😀 Paying so much for my entertainment, bearing my retarded statements, tolerating my horrendous Chinese when I talk to you… and so on HAHAHA. Regrettably I don’t talk to you most of the time so I hope this will change soon 😦

I finished this drama holy oh my god.


I think I cried EVERY episode from episode 9 TO 23 OMG LOL SERIOUSLY. Once 罗志祥 starts tearing I’ll also tear at the same time!!! Especially after he turn handsome HAHAHA. omg damn sad 😦 Especially when they start flashbacking all the memories they had together, WAH MY HEART GOES OUT TO THEM I SWEAR. I keep crying together with the characters 😦 Rainie’s acting damn good also omg especially when she started stuffing herself with food.. WOAH HAHAHAHA CRAZILY SAD.

I’M QUITE SAD THAT I FINISHED THE DRAMA ALREADY LOL even though it was a happy ending. It was an awkward and cliche ending!!! BUAY TAHAN I GOOSEBUMPED THROUGHOUT THE LAST EPISODE LOL. But I still feel a little sad for the senior 😛 HAHAHA OKAY I’M TALKING TO MYSELF I KNOW THIS DRAMA WAS 1000 years ago, everyone has been telling me that! STILL NICE MA 😀 HAHAHA I’m so famed for watching old dramas omg… LOL. I wonder what drama I’ll watch next. That will be the next holiday already 😦

Finish drama = time to start homework soon ._.


I’ll definitely miss my June holidays this year (like how much I miss 2011’s) and 海派甜心 will definitely remind me of how much fun I had this holiday 😀 I really enjoyed myself to the maximum hahaha, I LOVE 2012 SO FAR! :)


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