School-based NCC Day Parade

Yesterday was NCC Day Parde! An annual day of camwhoring HAHAHA. Especialy with my brother’s camera 😀

The cadets were supposed to fall in at 6.30am and obviously we couldn’t be later than that HAHAHA. I was surviving on only 2.5 hours sleep for the entire day because of chionging Physics the night before omg- slept at 3.30am -_-

But oh well! I survived, not like I fainted, not like I died, merely slept in a little of Physics…? 😀 Sorry to everyone I ignored during lunch (including Ms Tan omg) I only realised it after I woke up cause when you’re sleeping YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT ANYTHING WHAT HAHAHA. And to my annoying classmates who were trying to wake me up LOL.

Oh well! Well done everyone for the parade, nobody fell out 🙂

Then it was just wearing No.3 for the entire day until CCA heh. It got a little annoying when I must sit properly because my skirt cannot crumple omg, annoying much HAHAHA. AND IT WAS SO HOT I WAS PERSPIRING LIKE CRAZY DURING LUNCH LOL CRAZY CRAZY HOT I THINK I WOKE UP IN A PUDDLE OF WATER- not saliva but perspiration -_-

Platoon picture in the morning woohoo. Unfortunately I look a bit tired, and my beret looks damn weird I swear.

Taking pictures during CCA with the NCC flag 😀 HAHAHA.

With my Part Bs 😀 Omg so proud to say that they’re improving lolol. sigh, they’re going to be Part Cs soon. In a matter of a year’s time they should all be sergeants omg. I FIRST TOOK THEM ALMOST A YEAR AGO -__-

This parade means that my NCC life is really closing to an end soon- in just a month’s time and slightly more. This marks my final school-based NCC Day Parade too. Next few years, no more camwhoring, no more CCAs, no more pictures… HAIYO. 😦 好快好快!

NCC Day is still on the 1st of July, so oh well, I can’t really say Happy 111th to NCC yet 😀 But it was a nice day, and a great night of catching up with the platoonmates who went to dinner HAHA. I appreciate how topics are so easily discussed among us. No one’s really scared of saying anything wrong…?

May all these great relations not draw to an end too quickly. 🙂


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