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Secondary School student

I know my life is pretty good, but you would always think of other ways of how it can be better, isn’t it? I know I get to enjoy and get the best out of my life, but what sacrifices am I making?

I saw some teenagers playing Sepak Takraw downstairs at 9.30pm. I can’t help it but to feel so damn envious- why is it that they can spend their nights playing and having fun with one another…? These are the teenagers who are looking forward to every day. How about me? Whenever my alarm rings, I see the 6.xx am and I’m just like, shit, here’s the start of another horrible day.

I even had to walk home today holding my Physics file just so that I could absorb as much content in that 7 minute walking distance.

Is it simply because I chose to take this horrible and stressful route, or is it because I was geared for this from the very start?

Yes, our educational capabilities and achievements might be better. Perhaps this is a generalisation, but it’s true that there’s always this dumb stereotype: Good schools good elite students. I just can’t help looking at how carefree my siblings are. Both of them got into a Polytechnic (often treated as inferior to a Junior College?), but ended up in a university anyway. Whether it is a upper-tier university or anything doesn’t matter. They enjoyed their school life. They thoroughly enjoyed it.

I vaguely remember my sister in Secondary 3/4, reaching home almost every single day at 4pm to take a short nap, then waking up to watch 娱乐百分百. After that it’ll be dinner time and afterwards we would catch the TVB dramas from 8pm to 10pm. I don’t have an impression of her being as stressed out as I am. Rushing to finish assignments everyday, chionging everything to ensure I get the most sleep. And the worst- reaching home after 8pm everyday. Oh okay to be more reasonable, maybe 4 weekdays a week.

Hi Shi, if you see this, I’m really envious of you.

I’m really really tired now- it’s 11.24pm and I’m not done with anything! Woohoo. Econs project, Chinese compre, and revision for Math and Physics on Friday. I just feel like blogging or else I’ll have an emotional breakdown tonight. Yeah, I know myself too well. I break down too easily.

I know Term 3’s gonna be hell and I totally expected it but I still can’t help whining. Am I putting too much focus on academic excellence? I can’t help it. Forever setting high personal expectations, knowing that I can’t reach them. It’s like I’m creating a pitfall for myself to walk into. I’m such an idiot.

My wrist hurts, ankle hurts, calves hurt. MY EYES HURT. Lack of sleep almost every single day. Or should I say, every single day? How I struggle to keep awake in every lesson is just pure disgusting. Maybe it’s just because of CCA every single day (sorry, but it’s really both physically and mentally tiring). Maybe I’ll get used to it eventually.

Oh guess what I’ve not watched a single event of the Olympics. Really, it’s not like I can help it.

I hate how I struggle with school life as a secondary school student.


Cool weekend

Yesterday was Chinese exam. MINDSHAG OMG Okay actually that is an understatement. After Paper 1 (作文 and 实用文) I left the auditorium feeling like my brain was burnt. Seriously LOL I FELT LIKE THERE WERE CHINESE WORDS SWIMMING IN MY MIND. Imagine writing like 6 pages of 稿纸 omg I was like ~.~ Somemore I had a major lack of sleep 😦 Plus I was equipped with the thought of “Oh my god, 2 more hours afterwards”.

Paper 2 continued after an apple (HAHAHAHA I BROUGHT AN APPLE TO SCHOOL TO EAT FOR THE 30-MINUTE BREAK), and it was horrendous because I was falling asleep reading the comprehension passages -__- WAH SAI MAX RUNNING OUT OF TIME STILL DOZING OFF LOL. So I did the smartest thing on earth, I opened my water bottle and poured it all over my leg LOL I GOT ALL WET (disgusting wet socks ew) but it was really cold suddenly and at least it kept me awake. Repeated this twice 😀 Finished the paper on time at least 🙂 After I came out I felt like I accomplished the greatest thing in life omg, imagine 4 hours of Chinese words. It was as if I was swimming in them. Head was throbbing crazily after that, but thankfully the ordeal was over HAHAHA.

Ate Pepperlunch with awesome 4G people and went home to sleep forever.. before being disrupted in my lovely dream :/ I was supposed to go watch my Dad sing HAHAHA. YEAP COOL ANOT, those old live bands singing songs LOLL. My Dad was one of the performers HAHAHA.

In case you think it’s a lousy picture, it has a nice essence cause it captures my brother at the front row, my mom’s hair at the left and my sister video-ing his performance for “reference”. COOL FAMILY PLEASE HAHAHAHA.

Oh after he performed, we ate cool shit (which includes a dessert called Mango De Peach WOOHOO forgot take picture :S) and went home to slack forever. Hehehe 😀 Great (rainy) Saturday night 🙂

I went my relatives’ house today to 拜拜 before heading off to JCube for $1 scoop! Okay initially I saw it on Twitter feed that some people went for free scoop after mock exam yesterday, and I was wondering HOW WHERE WHAT. Then I did some search and found out that JCube has $1 scoop today 😀 So yah we headed down today. Wheee flavour was up to you 😀

Cause there was 4 of us, we decided to get 4 flavours. Red Velvet Cake (chosen by sister), Mango Alphonso (chosen by cousin), Chocolate Swiss (chosen by me) and Strawberry (chosen by me). My brother wanted Mango Alphonso as well so we got one big cup for the first three ($5) and one kiddy cup for Strawberry ($1) hahaha. Big cup the scoop is a hell lot larger 😀

Free instant picture for the 4 of us!!! 😀 So pretty 😀 They used a mega huge DSLR to take a picture, instantly upload to the laptop and printed out 4 copies for us. Wah damn nice hahaha 😀 Unfortunately I covered a bit of my face while carrying the “ice-cream” oops LOL. But still nice! 😛

And then there was a lucky draw as well so that’s all our ice-cream and lucky draw rewards- free coupons for your next visit to Marble Slab Creamery as well as postits…? Hehe 😀

We finished the 4 flavours very quickly for some reason- so we went to have another 2 flavours. I wanted Cotton Candy at first but my brother said it might be too milky- so we ended up getting Rocher and Calamansi instead. Wah damn regret now, we went to try a bit of cotton candy afterwards (upon request) and it’s damn delicious omg. 😦 CHAO REGRET. Won’t have another day with a $1 scoop liao!!! Oh well nevermind 🙂 At least I tried a bit HAHA.

So we tried a total of 6 flavours today! Red Velvet Cake, Chocolate Swiss, Mango Alphonso, Strawberry, Rocher and Calamansi. I guess Mango Alphonso and Red Velvet Cake are my preferred ones- whileas my sister liked Rocher? Everyone has differing tastes which is cool 😀

But that was a really fatty day HAHAHA. Had random cravings afterwards to get Koi but decided against it since I ate so much already :S

Gotta study for Chemistry test tomorrow now! Wah why do I lead such a miserable life… BOO HAHAHAHA. But okay la, my life balances out. There’s the good and the bad, damn happy after I ate ice-cream today 😀 Such a joy hahaha 😉 Oh and I met so many people HAHAHA like 4 people I know LOL. Cool JCube is the new hangout yo.

Test week forever

I haven’t blogged in a long while- like REALLY LOL. I attempted to type something on WordPress Mobile, but it refused to publish due to some error :/

Anyway I’ve been the noobest mugger on Earth for the past week! Like I mentioned, double CCA commitments (which means Monday Tuesday Wednesday Friday) are tiring me out- not to mention RV’s crazy schedule of tests. When you think you’re done with a whole slew of tests, round 2 will return to haunt you a few weeks later -_-

My sister was telling me her secondary school was completely opposite from mine- it was the best part of her life HAHA. I know RVians probably lead a horrigible stressful secondary school life- but I guess I’ll never ever regret taking this path because it brought me to where I am today! Okay, not that I’m extremely successful but I’m happy at where I am. From the very start, I can’t imagine if I haven’t appealed to RVHS.. hahaha. I still remember that phone call telling me of my confirmed offer… 😀

Finally I’m done with the week… unfortunately tomorrow morning is reserved for Chinese 模拟考试 LOL A 6-DAY SCHOOL WEEK! 😦 Can’t even sleep late this entire week because I still have swimming lessons on Sunday morning. Aiyo.

CCA Phototaking was on Wednesday! To the dismay of many juniors- cause it means they have a 3-day CCA week. HAHAHA. Aiya but Tuesday also no CCA.

I just calculated that we only wear No.3 about 4 to 5 times a year so it’s back to camwhoring like an idiot, with any reflection we could possibly find in school. Annqing & Huimin are my buddies yo HAHAHA.

Plans were wrecked today but I shall not care- shall just hope it goes smoothly the next time :/

Jiayou Year 4 batch for mock exam tomorrow! Hopefully it won’t turn out that bad, given that my Chinese sucks so much.

Everything with Fries

Tandoori Chicken Sandwich 😀 It was quite affordable given the ambience and the large serving actually. Omg it looks so nice I’m hungry again- Blackberry does capture some nice pictures LOL.

Anyway, it’s back to a crazy week! Double CCAs and late dismissal timings. 😦 Tiring but I’ll endure, because NDP is coming, can’t wait for the long weekend 😀 But that means the day of our POP is drawing near.

4 more acts to the end of 4 years in NCC. Sigh. Now I’m always complaining like hell whenever I need to prepare No.3 or No.4, but I know I’ll definitely miss it in the near future.

Spraying starch like a boss… leaving my iron there and potentially burning my uniform HAHAHA. Burning all my buttons one by one… memories I’d definitely miss! And of course, walking front back front back towards the mirror on No.3 days.

Oh well! 😦

Time to study for LA test, hehehe. I’m majorly screwed because I’m sleepy and I’ve barely studied- hopefully those notes I’ve diligently taken down in class for the past year will help me. 3 tests this week, jiayou girl.

I finally updated my page.

Yes, I’m trying to attract attention so that more people will click on my About… 😀 It titles “I am happy” up there 😀

Okay no la, actually I’m just trying to ego because I spent an hour doing that up. An hour of studying can bring you a lot more!!!

But it’s okay. Hehehe 😀 Sai, lamest post ever… HAHA.

Gonna have a nice lunch, woohoo. Thanks for the treat in advance 😀


Today was quite a wonderful experience at… Bishan Stadium HAHAHA. I did something I’ve never done before- I watched a soccer match… LIVE HAHAHA. SLeague… is it? LOL. Wah a lot of people told me my purpose there was to waste time..? HAHA. Aiya, never watch before ma, go there experience a bit lor. My brother said the experience is completely different from watching on TV. We had 4 complimentary tickets anyway- enough to admit my brother, my cousin, my sister and I 😀

Yes I know there are three tests next week… yes I know I need to mug my head off… yes I know next Tuesday is the due date for our CID Written Report…. Initially I was like, WHY SHOULD I WATCH PEOPLE KICK A BALL AROUND FOR 90MINUTES??????? But it’s so difficult to say no when you know you’re gonna be the only one left home on a Saturday night! 😦

Nope, I’m not kidding.

我先声明,soccer is never my forte/interest. But it was just for the fun of it la… LOL. Cause my brother betted on Home United (?) and it was quite exciting to see the near-goals etc LOL. The uproar in the audience.. and how everyone starts swearing. Even though it’s quite uncouth for a girl (oops), but it’s damn funny HAHAHA.

But I think the main highlight wasn’t the match for me. It was the audience… and epic stuff HAHAHA. When a Home United player fell down, (not sure if real la LOL) Hougang United supporters started singing London Bridge is falling down… HAHAHA what the it took me a while to realise LOL.

Then there were little boys (like primary school kids) shouting so crudely and violently omg. TACKLE LA, ATTACK LA, WA LAO EH, SO CLOSE, INJURY FAKE ONE LA, WALAO GET UP AND PLAY LA, YOU KNOW HOW TO PLAY ANOT!!!!!!!

There was another argument on the field because a player missed a goal or something and there was some internal argument… then someone shouted from behind “OK LA OK LA CONTINUE PLAY FOOTBALL LA” LOLOLOL.

And then the occasional audience uproar when the referee blows whistle to give out yellow card or something LOL. “WALAO REFEREE SEND YOURSELF HOME LA” “REFEREE YOU BUY DRAW IS IT” “DON’T WASTE TIME LA” HAHAHAHA omg the referee was constantly being scolded throughout the whole game. Super funny.

The atmosphere at the stadium was pretty nice- the supporters of Home United were cheering for like 90minutes straight… siao admiration for their throats LOL.

90 minutes passed very very quickly- even faster than a movie since I’m not a fan of movies oops LOL. I would go and watch a match again maybe- but perhaps somewhere nearer? Bishan is really quite far, need to take circle line somemore HAHAHA. I need to get used to the technical terms as well, everyone was like OFFSIDE LA BOOOOOOOOOOOO and I was like……???????? What’s offside?? Oops… not a fan of soccer la LOL.

Spent CID from morning to afternoon baking at the Botanic Gardens. Hope all turns out well! 😦 Don’t want my CID grade to drop any further… bleah.

Singapore Discovery Centre

This week was so enjoyable- Monday was a day off for E-Learning as stated.

…and yeah I was really hardworking by waking up for a morning run LOL before rushing my assignments from 10.30am to 7.30pm. Truly E-Learning at its maximum effectiveness.

Oh well! No CCA yesterday meant returning home at 2.30pm on a Tuesday. HOW LONG HAS IT BEEN??? Oh my LOL.

Today… was a learning journey. And the best word to describe these three days is simply, SLACK. HAHAHA. You don’t usually see me looking forward to school…. 🙂

Singapore Discovery Centre was pretty interesting- apart from the enriching lesson at the Army Museum 🙂 To tell the truth it wasn’t that bad, but it just kinda spoilt my excitement because I thought we’d be visiting the exhibits in the museum LOL. Spec Course Phase 2 2011 memories for the win 🙂 Seriously everything there spells “Spec Course” and “Phase 2 2011 POP”.

And there were many breaks in between, which I thoroughly enjoyed because it meant taking pictures LOL.

Tryna act cute around.. HAHAHA. Ex tablemate yo Yujie.

Class girls without Szemin 😦

Class…. photo without Szemin. BOO. Hahaha. But it was a pretty nice shot- this was taken with Jiawen’s S3 omg. DAMN GODLY QUALITY, even nicer than my camera which was set to the wrong mode zzzz. HFMD is spreading around yo, take care 4G 😦 we are all so prone to it!

I conclude a pretty slack day apart from floorball training… HAHA. But it just means I can eat more 😀 Jiayou HP for Week 5, your tests are gonna eat you up 😦