I may turn into a watermelon

Today was a super fat day HAHAHA.

but at least I skipped dinner to eat all the rubbish 小吃? Maybe, maybe not.

Anyway we ate at Whampoa for lunch today! I should really start getting the habit to take pictures of my awesome food- once the food is here I can’t wait to munch immediately ugh.

The Aloe Vera with Strawberry for dessert was simply amazing- I think it’s the best I’ve ever eaten!!! It takes a good 20minute+ car ride from Clementi to get there, but it’s worth travelling everywhere for good food 😀 not I drive ma HAHA. Plus the food centre was like… BUSTLING with people. It was raining so heavily in the afternoon, but it wasn’t mood dampening at all because there were so many food stalls omg 😀 I hope my father will bring us there often 😛

I spent the afternoon sleeping at home again zzz. I remember people used to tell me “Wah Huiping, how come you sleep so late still no eyebags?” when I was in Year 1 and 2. Like a boss please 🙂


“HUIPING why your eyebag so THICK??? REACH YOUR CHEEK LIAO LEH, KOR 你来看慧平的眼袋!”

Like ?!?!?! I was never concerned about my eyebags cause I thought my face quite smooth… then quite tanned mah, will automatically hide my dark eyebags right? BUT NOW OMG I REALLY REALISED it’s… HUGE. Ok you know what this means I’m going to sleep more! Or at least attempt to. 😦 Stop sleeping in class already la haiyo.

Okay but in the end I was feeling bored in the evening and we decided to head down to Bugis again LOL. This time we went there to do rubbish, like we didn’t really have any real intentions of heading to that place, so we were like circling the perimeter of the place with my cousin and then talking about all the weirdest topics in life.

Oh let’s not forget walking through Bugis Junction, buying chicken/pork sticks, Yakult with Green Tea, then Korean Pancake, then eating beancurd at Bugis Street…

I feel like I just ate 3 dinners zzzzz

Oh and as usual I am too excited to start on my food so there’s only one picture hehee.

Korean Pancake HAHA, eh $2.50 for this was quite reasonable leh. But it was really oily 😦 BUT IT’S SO DELICIOUS OMG

All these 小吃 doesn’t make me full so as usual, yah I’m still hungry. Especially after seeing the Korean pancake that made my stomach growl again 😦 But no I won’t eat, simply because it’s 12.44am and I’m going to reserve the calories to eat more another day!

I swear I’m going to turn into a balloon by the age of 20, and a watermelon by the age of 30 with my eating habits. FAT FAT FAT FAT FAT walao.

Anyway for my password-protected posts, it’s not really private/emo la 😀 Some people assume that I’m emo or sad or raging cause I protect it?! HAHA. You can ask me for the password if you want, those posts are posted just because I want to know who’s reading/I don’t want some people to read 🙂


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