Today was quite a wonderful experience at… Bishan Stadium HAHAHA. I did something I’ve never done before- I watched a soccer match… LIVE HAHAHA. SLeague… is it? LOL. Wah a lot of people told me my purpose there was to waste time..? HAHA. Aiya, never watch before ma, go there experience a bit lor. My brother said the experience is completely different from watching on TV. We had 4 complimentary tickets anyway- enough to admit my brother, my cousin, my sister and I 😀

Yes I know there are three tests next week… yes I know I need to mug my head off… yes I know next Tuesday is the due date for our CID Written Report…. Initially I was like, WHY SHOULD I WATCH PEOPLE KICK A BALL AROUND FOR 90MINUTES??????? But it’s so difficult to say no when you know you’re gonna be the only one left home on a Saturday night! 😦

Nope, I’m not kidding.

我先声明,soccer is never my forte/interest. But it was just for the fun of it la… LOL. Cause my brother betted on Home United (?) and it was quite exciting to see the near-goals etc LOL. The uproar in the audience.. and how everyone starts swearing. Even though it’s quite uncouth for a girl (oops), but it’s damn funny HAHAHA.

But I think the main highlight wasn’t the match for me. It was the audience… and epic stuff HAHAHA. When a Home United player fell down, (not sure if real la LOL) Hougang United supporters started singing London Bridge is falling down… HAHAHA what the it took me a while to realise LOL.

Then there were little boys (like primary school kids) shouting so crudely and violently omg. TACKLE LA, ATTACK LA, WA LAO EH, SO CLOSE, INJURY FAKE ONE LA, WALAO GET UP AND PLAY LA, YOU KNOW HOW TO PLAY ANOT!!!!!!!

There was another argument on the field because a player missed a goal or something and there was some internal argument… then someone shouted from behind “OK LA OK LA CONTINUE PLAY FOOTBALL LA” LOLOLOL.

And then the occasional audience uproar when the referee blows whistle to give out yellow card or something LOL. “WALAO REFEREE SEND YOURSELF HOME LA” “REFEREE YOU BUY DRAW IS IT” “DON’T WASTE TIME LA” HAHAHAHA omg the referee was constantly being scolded throughout the whole game. Super funny.

The atmosphere at the stadium was pretty nice- the supporters of Home United were cheering for like 90minutes straight… siao admiration for their throats LOL.

90 minutes passed very very quickly- even faster than a movie since I’m not a fan of movies oops LOL. I would go and watch a match again maybe- but perhaps somewhere nearer? Bishan is really quite far, need to take circle line somemore HAHAHA. I need to get used to the technical terms as well, everyone was like OFFSIDE LA BOOOOOOOOOOOO and I was like……???????? What’s offside?? Oops… not a fan of soccer la LOL.

Spent CID from morning to afternoon baking at the Botanic Gardens. Hope all turns out well! 😦 Don’t want my CID grade to drop any further… bleah.


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