Everything with Fries

Tandoori Chicken Sandwich 😀 It was quite affordable given the ambience and the large serving actually. Omg it looks so nice I’m hungry again- Blackberry does capture some nice pictures LOL.

Anyway, it’s back to a crazy week! Double CCAs and late dismissal timings. 😦 Tiring but I’ll endure, because NDP is coming, can’t wait for the long weekend 😀 But that means the day of our POP is drawing near.

4 more acts to the end of 4 years in NCC. Sigh. Now I’m always complaining like hell whenever I need to prepare No.3 or No.4, but I know I’ll definitely miss it in the near future.

Spraying starch like a boss… leaving my iron there and potentially burning my uniform HAHAHA. Burning all my buttons one by one… memories I’d definitely miss! And of course, walking front back front back towards the mirror on No.3 days.

Oh well! 😦

Time to study for LA test, hehehe. I’m majorly screwed because I’m sleepy and I’ve barely studied- hopefully those notes I’ve diligently taken down in class for the past year will help me. 3 tests this week, jiayou girl.


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