Cool weekend

Yesterday was Chinese exam. MINDSHAG OMG Okay actually that is an understatement. After Paper 1 (作文 and 实用文) I left the auditorium feeling like my brain was burnt. Seriously LOL I FELT LIKE THERE WERE CHINESE WORDS SWIMMING IN MY MIND. Imagine writing like 6 pages of 稿纸 omg I was like ~.~ Somemore I had a major lack of sleep 😦 Plus I was equipped with the thought of “Oh my god, 2 more hours afterwards”.

Paper 2 continued after an apple (HAHAHAHA I BROUGHT AN APPLE TO SCHOOL TO EAT FOR THE 30-MINUTE BREAK), and it was horrendous because I was falling asleep reading the comprehension passages -__- WAH SAI MAX RUNNING OUT OF TIME STILL DOZING OFF LOL. So I did the smartest thing on earth, I opened my water bottle and poured it all over my leg LOL I GOT ALL WET (disgusting wet socks ew) but it was really cold suddenly and at least it kept me awake. Repeated this twice 😀 Finished the paper on time at least 🙂 After I came out I felt like I accomplished the greatest thing in life omg, imagine 4 hours of Chinese words. It was as if I was swimming in them. Head was throbbing crazily after that, but thankfully the ordeal was over HAHAHA.

Ate Pepperlunch with awesome 4G people and went home to sleep forever.. before being disrupted in my lovely dream :/ I was supposed to go watch my Dad sing HAHAHA. YEAP COOL ANOT, those old live bands singing songs LOLL. My Dad was one of the performers HAHAHA.

In case you think it’s a lousy picture, it has a nice essence cause it captures my brother at the front row, my mom’s hair at the left and my sister video-ing his performance for “reference”. COOL FAMILY PLEASE HAHAHAHA.

Oh after he performed, we ate cool shit (which includes a dessert called Mango De Peach WOOHOO forgot take picture :S) and went home to slack forever. Hehehe 😀 Great (rainy) Saturday night 🙂

I went my relatives’ house today to 拜拜 before heading off to JCube for $1 scoop! Okay initially I saw it on Twitter feed that some people went for free scoop after mock exam yesterday, and I was wondering HOW WHERE WHAT. Then I did some search and found out that JCube has $1 scoop today 😀 So yah we headed down today. Wheee flavour was up to you 😀

Cause there was 4 of us, we decided to get 4 flavours. Red Velvet Cake (chosen by sister), Mango Alphonso (chosen by cousin), Chocolate Swiss (chosen by me) and Strawberry (chosen by me). My brother wanted Mango Alphonso as well so we got one big cup for the first three ($5) and one kiddy cup for Strawberry ($1) hahaha. Big cup the scoop is a hell lot larger 😀

Free instant picture for the 4 of us!!! 😀 So pretty 😀 They used a mega huge DSLR to take a picture, instantly upload to the laptop and printed out 4 copies for us. Wah damn nice hahaha 😀 Unfortunately I covered a bit of my face while carrying the “ice-cream” oops LOL. But still nice! 😛

And then there was a lucky draw as well so that’s all our ice-cream and lucky draw rewards- free coupons for your next visit to Marble Slab Creamery as well as postits…? Hehe 😀

We finished the 4 flavours very quickly for some reason- so we went to have another 2 flavours. I wanted Cotton Candy at first but my brother said it might be too milky- so we ended up getting Rocher and Calamansi instead. Wah damn regret now, we went to try a bit of cotton candy afterwards (upon request) and it’s damn delicious omg. 😦 CHAO REGRET. Won’t have another day with a $1 scoop liao!!! Oh well nevermind 🙂 At least I tried a bit HAHA.

So we tried a total of 6 flavours today! Red Velvet Cake, Chocolate Swiss, Mango Alphonso, Strawberry, Rocher and Calamansi. I guess Mango Alphonso and Red Velvet Cake are my preferred ones- whileas my sister liked Rocher? Everyone has differing tastes which is cool 😀

But that was a really fatty day HAHAHA. Had random cravings afterwards to get Koi but decided against it since I ate so much already :S

Gotta study for Chemistry test tomorrow now! Wah why do I lead such a miserable life… BOO HAHAHAHA. But okay la, my life balances out. There’s the good and the bad, damn happy after I ate ice-cream today 😀 Such a joy hahaha 😉 Oh and I met so many people HAHAHA like 4 people I know LOL. Cool JCube is the new hangout yo.


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