Mugger week

I’ve been crazy the whole week, mainly because it was CCA and a 3-test week. Phy, Chem, Math, which meant I had to mug for every subject.

I didn’t reach home earlier than 10pm the entire week LOL the earliest was probably yesterday- when I reached home at 10.30pm HAHA. Was mugging at hostel canteen, Burger King and all the other food places LOL. But oh well I’m glad I survived the week, didn’t have enough sleep the entire week. Let’s not mention that I had to run every single day from Monday to Thursday, my ankle was being a noob at the peak of the night omg when it starts feeling soft. CRAZY I’M SO AFRAID OF ANKLE INJURY OMG I DON’T WANT TO SEE A DOCTOR.

Anyway cool stuff this weekend! First outside PT in our entire term LOL at Jurong Central Park 🙂 Had a slow jog there then clocked 3 rounds around this long canal which kinda killed me HAHA. Longer and better than running 6 rounds around the track in school 🙂

Had time afterwards so the B girls wanted to go to the playground… Hehe damn fun! 😉

Part B company picture at the entrance of Jurong Central Park 😀

Yesterday was our last Friday act, since our last act will be on Tuesday (platoon not full strength cause of NDP z irritating). Wednesday will be POP already, which means it’s a mere 4 days to the end of 2011-2012 specialists HAHA. “你舍得放下吗?”


Oh well, I’ll obviously blog more when the time comes (i.e. after ROD night? HAHA). Postings have been released, hopefully the Part Cs discharge their duties well. Hope that Part C 2013 will be one of the best batches ever hehehe! It will and it shall! They would be specialists in a year’s time… 🙂

Anyway we had one of the coolest dinners ever- Zicha at somewhere outside Jurong Point haha. Got air-con one LOL.

4 out of 6 dishes, wah I can’t believe 大盘 is this… big -_- wah when it came we were like, did they serve wrongly!? SIAO IT SEEMED SO TINY LOL, but surprisingly quite filling.

Picture with my face only….HAHAHA.

Oh that summarises the uncoolest week ever in this term- very glad I didn’t break down or anything. Probably stronger from last year HEHE. Term 3 never fails to challenge me every single year, and I’m glad I’m halfway through it (and still surviving well :D)

Lost my exemptions for Chem and Geog after the recent tests, hopefully I’ll secure one exemption for Math? :/



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