Passing Out Parade 2012

It’s the last act, it’s POP! It’s the end of NCC life 😀

Somehow it hasn’t really sank in yet, perhaps maybe because… it’s just handover? But I knew things were different the moment I could throw my beret up… without having to down 50 straight away 😀 4 years passed in a flash. 一转眼,一瞬间. Doesn’t matter 😛

Oh well thankfully ROD’s gonna be the last time as Delta ’12… even though we’ve officially stepped down. “Good afternoon seniors.” :/

Anyway last act (i.e. yesterday hehe) we were all prepared to dismiss the Part Bs (besurai them and goodbye for life). Suddenly they returned with some wonderful stuff..

HAHAHAHA I was complaining earlier to them that cookies had a lot of calories… BUT I ATE THEM ALL THE SAME ANYWAY HAHAHA. Anything would taste better when it is made specially for you yo. THANK YOU PART Bs if you see this!!! 😀 I’ll miss all of you so much 😦 一年过得好快好快…

Please remain as 13 alright… 🙂 Part B ’12 for the win! 😀

POP today! NDP celebrations in the morning ended surprisingly early at 9am+ LOL WE WERE ALL SO SHOCKED, so POP was pushed earlier 🙂

Free cupcakes from the school- I heard it spammed Instagram right away HAHAHA. Quite delicious- dark chocolate with some cool icing on top woah damn nice 🙂 I… guiltily had two HAHAHA.

Oh well, afterwards we practised the POP sequence in the crazy sun. I learnt my lesson from last year- I stood in others’ shadows so that the kiwi on my shoes wouldn’t melt from the burning sun. HAHAHA. I guess this will be the shiniest shoes I’ll ever have… 😉

And then, it’s finally the handover of Part B PC 2012-2013..

接班人 all the best, Liying all the best with the Part Cs ’13! 🙂 Okay I don’t think you’ll see this.. HAHA. Ah well, a year has passed so quickly.

Polaroids with my lovely Gong Chenxi (please don’t ego my friend!) Hope you’ve thoroughly enjoyed the 1 year working with me… it must have been great! Part B specialists for the win 😀 Thanks Jieling for the polaroid 🙂

Afterwards we had a shower in school before heading to Carls Jr for lunch. It was my first time there… LOL.

People on my side of the table. Walao my food took damn long to arrive 😦 ALWAYS THE SUAY ONE.

K-Box was unfortunately fully booked at Jurong SAFRA (oops) so we headed to… the same place for a wonderful time AT THE INDOOR PLAYGROUND HAHA.

Ah well, I’m still young, 15 years old only hehehe.

The day ended quick cause most of us wanted to get home to sleep- tired from late nights LOL. Tomorrow will be an even greater day at *Scape, the only difference is that we’ll no longer be in NCC. Goodbye RVNCC Delta ’12, you’ve been the best best best best part of my life. What would life be without all of you :’)


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