National Day at *SCAPE

I was pretty upset at the start because I couldn’t win a single contest to get the NDP tickets T_T

But then when I found out Part Bs were performing at *SCAPE on National Day… it was like OH MY GOD HAHAHA I HAVE PLANS FOR NATIONAL DAY ALREADY.

Most of us went there to watch the FSD Performance, but the Love Bonito flea was like a bonus… the goodie bag was a plus plus bonus, and the free spin (because I have 4 and 7 in my NRIC number HAHAHA) WAS A BONUS BONUS BONUS.

Vouchers and electric fans… and bottles…? HAHAHA.

Meeting time was 2pm, but everyone was late by at least 30minutes. In other words, I had time to go queue, buy a Koi, and take the extra trip to Jurong East cause I was so bored waiting.

SUCKS BEING AN EARLY WORM HAHA. Late birds ended up making the Part Cs wait!

Yixin’s presence meant that I didn’t have to take pictures at all hehehe. BUT I WAS THE ONLY ONE IN RED ON NATIONAL DAY. LIKE, IF EVERYONE WEAR RED IT’LL BE COOLIO…?! Unfortunately I was the only one in red so I looked like a rose among the thorns (OMG HAHAHAHA ROSE RED COLOUR WHAT) Eeeeeeee where’s the patriotism!!!

Gonna rip off many pictures from Yixin’s camera, so thanks Yixin in advance I love you and your DSLR and your #prettymountains!

Finally arriving at that place… couldn’t find it please. HAHAHA. Cool background on stage LOL RVNCC FOR THE WIN. Afterwards we were horribly informed that rehearsals had ended 😦 So we went around looking for stuff to do and ended up eating. Duh. There’s nothing else you can do HAHAHA.

So we had Artease! And we ordered this really hugeass milk tea to share among the 6 of us LOL.

Me only with the Monster Time or something. Jieling took a cool polaroid again HAHA! Obsession with polaroids πŸ™‚

Afterwards I decided I wasn’t full- thanks cause I had no solid food apart from drinks drinks for the entire day so Jieling and I ended up having our lunch at 4pm… AT SEOUL GARDEN HOTPOT HAHAHA. Not the normal buffet style but the “order-a-meal” style. Student meal… quite affordable la πŸ˜€

Chicken Bibimbap? Hehehe. Quite nice leh and it was really filling HAHAHAHA I WAS SO FULL omg. And their sauce was really nice πŸ˜€ The rest went walking around and queuing up for the Love Bonito flea so they went ahead without us. Returned to find them queuing for goodie bags HAHAHA OMG BUNCH OF AUNTIES HAHAHAHA

While queuing for the flea! πŸ˜€ Huimin arrived afterwards with her Part As hehehe. So it meant 7/12 of the platoon was there. Wah love spending time with them max hahaha

AFTERWARDS THOSE WHO MANAGED TO GET INTO THE FLEA took pictures with ladyironchef without us!!! So I was like being an annoying person going around complaining LOL oops cause I was the only one who didn’t have a picture with him!

But somehow we ended up at the Part Bs holding area to camwhore… wa too bored already.

Woohoo when you have a camera you can do anything hahaha WE WERE DOING EVERYTHING FROM JUMPSHOTS TO THIS TO THAT. Omg really winners. Afterwards the Part Bs started getting called out of the holding area and I decided I should get out as well HAHAHAHA.

After a while the queue at the flea was getting shorter and it meant less people…? So I insisted that I want a picture with ladyironchef HAHAHA I think he kinda got freaked out by the group of us oops imagine 7 girls running up to you for a picture when you aren’t even a celebrity LOL. The owners of Love Bonito were so pretty as well oh my god.

Ahhhhhh finally managed a picture with ladyironchef HAHAHA Dragged Chenxi in omg. The awkward moment when he walked away and they had to call him back :S OOPS HAHAHAHA. IT’S OKAY, in the end both of them are in the picture! Oh my god I feel so honoured πŸ˜€ Somemore the picture so chio!!!

HAHAHA. SO IT WAS LIKE WHEEHEE DONE, took pictures with the other performing groups and then headed back to the front of stage to watch the FSD performance LOL. We were interrupting the emcee by screaming like mad cows whenever they mentioned “River Valley National Cadet Corps” HAHAHAHA. Apparently the emcee didn’t even notice there were 4 girls inside cause everyone looks like men in No.4 and bun. Oh well, I wouldn’t be surprised if I were mistaken as a guy before :/

The performance was amazing hehehe, totally enjoyed it omg the flashing lights and everything. What a great experience for them πŸ™‚ Performing in public is so awesome hahha it’s like the public knowing fancy drill/FSD more. πŸ˜€ I remember how all the heads turned from the flea when they were performing. TOO COOL LIAO. And the teenagers in front of me were like “WHY OUR SCHOOL NCC NOT LIKE THAT AH?”


Then it was more phototaking again LOL

Part Bs and Delta ’12 at the boards after their performance! Omg such pretty pictures, even at night heheh. DSLR DAMN POWERFUL OMG.

Afterwards the Part Bs went backstage to continue watching the live telecast of NDP (which we missed cause we were too busy spazzing…)

While we joined the pledge moment heheheh I was so insistent cause YOU WON’T DO IT IN FRONT OF THE TELEVISION SCREEN AT HOME! I just thought it’ll be really cool if everyone stopped to do it together in public so I stayed till 8pm+ for it! πŸ˜€

The event technically ended after that so Delta was looking for dinner LOLOL

Ended up at ToastBox using the $5 voucher in our goodie bags LOL. They must have had really brisk business that day since everyone was rushing to spend their vouchers HAHAHA. I merely had an ice cream toast (okay la filling enough zzz) cause Mom kept dinner at home for me πŸ™‚

Had a long camwhore and chitchat session there before getting lost in Orchard Road finding a bus stop omg. Thanks Yixin and Huimin for making the 1-hour search less torturous LOL, but oh well at least I got home eventually πŸ™‚

It was a really great day and I’ll do anything to rewind it all over again πŸ˜€ I’m sure all the FSD performers that day feel the same way. The feeling of effort finally paying off, and recognised by the public. Oh my goodness I don’t think I need to mention how long and hard they trained for this hahaha… So proud of them, of course. But I’ll make sure to remember that they’re no longer my cadets 😦


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