I’m sorry

I was daydreaming in class today thinking about all the overdue birthday cards…

…when I suddenly remembered a card that someone made for me sometime last year?

I mean it was totally unexpected- of that person’s status to ask me to meet. I was just like, what the heck sia, ask me arrive in school at 7am for some shit. I mean, I was still taking the bus to school last year, and it meant I had to wake up even earlier than 5.43am. WAH, AS IF NOT EARLY ENOUGH. I was thinking, is it another CIP opportunity. Or some stupid meeting. I was so damn lazy come on.

But I got a shock when I received an envelope containing a card. It’s just something simple- and then it was added on “I saw that you didn’t receive anything from your parents during LCD Camp Day 3, so here’s something small from me.”

For someone busy like that person- it sure meant a lot to me. Something small? Not at all. It was obvious a lot of thought had been put into it. Right when I was living lifelessly every single day, it was definitely something that made my day. Somemore everything inside the card is such an egoboost hehehe.

I was flipping through my cards when I realised I had lost it. I lost what someone put in so much effort to make- I simply brushed it aside. Until I remembered it today. I never ever throw my stuff away (yes I have my consent forms from Primary 4 thank you very much), so I hope I’ll chance upon it someday. It’s something I definitely won’t throw away.

To that person, you’d never see this because sadly we are probably less than hi-bye friends now, but thank you so much. Because 10 years down the road I know I’ll always remember this special thought by you.

and I swear that will be the last card I’ll ever lose. 😦

I got caught by a teacher today for my hair. Booo. The end of an era? 😦


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