Exam timetable

Difference from last year LOL. Not just the paper colour- but wow so many more exams this year. SO MANY PAPER 2s… MATH HAS THREE PAPERS OH MY GOD. Like seriously you kidding me? I have forgotten all my Year 2/3 topics leh HAHAHA.

It’s less than a month to the first paper- actually 15 days to Chinese paper….?! Exams are right after September holidays which isn’t very enjoyable. But at least it ends on the 18th of September! Damn early this year hahaha. But I like leh, 长痛不如短痛 🙂 Need to really start mugging soon!

Oh well, I have deactivated Twitter for 3 days- and I’m pretty successful LOL. The first night was horrendous- it had only been 24 hours since I deactivated and I was like omg I miss Twitter. SERIOUSLY need to get rid of this horrible addiction! 😦 I actually found a life out of it- I actually start doing my work at 9pm instead of 11pm…? Shall see how long I can last this time 😀

But I still end up staying up late which makes me doze off in class anyway zzz. The only difference is that more work is done now 😀 I’m sorry teachers, I’ll do well for your exams 😛


You’ll never read this duh- I hope you become fitter, and may your wishes at 26 all come true! HAHAHA.

这么老了, stop acting like my age! STOP CHASING ME OUT OF THE ROOM! 😦

Can’t wait to cut cake tonight, sinful sinful sinful but AIYA SO LONG NEVER EAT BIRTHDAY CAKE LIAO 😀


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