8 years of friendship

Happy birthday Goh Kay Vin!

Born 4 months before me. 25th is such a cool date cause got me 4 months later.

You’ll never ever see this because you’re too busy with everything to even stalk people… (much less the awesome me) HAHAHA. Do you even have time to talk? πŸ˜€

Academics zai CCA zai Council zai. Jack of all trades and a master of noneall LOL How you juggle please I think I will cry every night if I were you. Pro at this game of life la zaikia.

AND I KNOW YOU NEED A FAVOUR WHEN I START HEARING THIS “Hui Ping you have spent half your life with me already leh. Classmates since P3… … such strong years of friendship. Hui Ping you know you have been a really awesome friend for 8 years… … … … want donate to SJAB Donation Drive?


Have a great day ahead!

Life’s pretty good to me recently.

Except the weighing scale. 😦


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