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Sometimes I hate the fact that I have already reached the age whereby it’s kinda impossible for my family to walk around in parks holding lanterns with lit up candles.

There isn’t even the Mid-Autumn festive mood this year 😦 I don’t see anyone downstairs lighting up lanterns, burning leaves, playing with candles or playing with sparklers anymore. Last year there was the sound of sparklers! Every year it’s getting more horrible gosh.

Anyway I had a lovely dinner with crabs this year- forgot to take a picture before I began booo but it was a wonderful spread omg 🙂

And since we didn’t do this downstairs, Mom lit up a lantern at home HAHAHA. Let the candle burn out at least got some meaning…

Randomly remembered returning home from Australia to a photo of me omg from the baggage retrieval. Okay how do I explain this, I was wheeling my luggage towards the exit when I SAW MY BROTHER HOLDING AN iPad (!!!) WITH MY BIG BIG UNGLAM FACE MAGNIFIED ON IT OMG. WALAO THEN THEY “HELD MY FACE” AT THE ENTRANCE WAITING FOR ME TO APPROACH IT. Everyone saw it and was laughing like crazy 😦 and there’s also a mini sized one on my sister’s iPhone, shit sia shouldn’t have camwhored like a retard on the iPad HAHAHA So embarrassing oh my god 😦

Oh okay it’s 12.08am, there’s training tomorrow and I ought to be back to my Calculus revision before I fail the test tomorrow (studied only a little this morning oops). Cause that wouldn’t reflect very well on me. Oh and have I mentioned, I’m pretty set on my JC combination already 🙂 Took me a while gosh, and what I was researching on just now convinced me that I won’t go wrong…? Hope my parents won’t be shocked HAHAHA.


Life has been pretty great

I’m eating a lot as usual. I think I’ve reached not just the peak of my academic achievement, but also my weight. HOPEFULLY THAT’S THE PEAK LA HOR

I shall use a strange example. Going to Australia seems like a pregnancy for me- you eat whatever you want. And then when you return from Australia (pregnancy ends), YOU CAN’T SEEM TO DIET NO MATTER WHAT. So you just stay round like a watermelon.

Like, no matter what. My weight is just exponentially increasing.

I was out shopping for court shoes with Jiawen Yihua Kaixin yesterday hehehe. Went to *SCAPE to check out the warehouse sale which was terribly terribly small (and court shoes not very pretty)… hence we went to Queensway LOL.

And we found a shoe for $43! 😀 Which I think is pretty nice hahaha. Can’t wait to put them on cause they feel so comfortable omg 🙂

After which I went to meet my sister (back to Orchard omg) and we went shopping at *SCAPE! Forgot to take a picture of the car boot flea but basically it was just cars driving into this huge area, with all the clothes tossed into the boot for you to choose. It’s so cool to even think of it LOL The only thing was that they were second-hand, but who cares if they look perfectly new? 😀

Cheapest clothing: $1
Most expensive clothing: $4

I refused to buy a dress because it costed $7 HAHAHA I hope I don’t regret 😀

My sister & I cheapo haul in layers LOL

Afterwards we went to pig out at Seoul Garden Hotpot. Omg the cost of our bill was almost the cost of all the clothes we bought? LOL

Tralala the price of the student meal was quite nice for the quality? LOL.

Headed to Shokudo for a Mango dessert HAHAHA it was huge and we were sooooo crazily full omg. Calorie bomb 😦

And a last camwhore cause I look nice here HAHAHA

Ah well, I got to improve on places that I suck at. HP remember that. You have got to improve since you suck so much.

You don’t want to reach a dead end, to turn around and realise that you have been walking aimlessly.

Work piling up again

It’s scary how I only left my post public for 5 minutes (before protecting it because I felt unsafe) and 4 different people came to ask me about it omg. I guess I was really angsty last night, but come to think of it, it’s pretty amusing how 2 people started apologising…

The exams have just passed- okay not that I’m being an idiot but ummm work is coming back.

I submitted my Floorball reflections a few days ago- and I was reminded that an athlete (would I classify myself as one?) should have at least 8 hours of sleep a day.

Considering (now) that I wake up at 5.30am every single day, does that mean I have to sleep at 9.30pm? Woah even earlier than primary school.

When I reach home at earliest 8pm after normal training (considering I pon dinner), it means I only have 1.5 hours to settle down bathe do work study chill read… and so on. That’s not humanly possible la I’m not a machine. (ok this is strange, but my iTunes just shuffled to I’m A Machine LOL)

And so guess what I don’t think I’ll ever have 8 hours of sleep a day. In fact, I think getting 6 hours of sleep is already pretty luxurious, because I usually pay back the 1 hour+ in class. Hehe oops sorry to my teachers HAHA.

I have a lot to accomplish next year, and a lot to catch up on this year. I’ve reached the peak of my academic achievement hence I’ll never be able to attain similar results again. I don’t pray for too much, but I hope I’ll have enough time to study, enough resting time, I really do hope I’ll be able to promote fully next year. No conditional promotion, and no PAR list, hopefully. I will work hard, I really will, I really must.

First lap for A Levels: O Level Higher Chinese. I hope I will be able to attain B3 (or at least a B4), shall start memorising and copying 作文s from October onwards. That’s a pretty desperate method, but it does help for someone who has terrible horrible Chinese. Like me :/ May this motivation not fade away too quickly.

Impossible to lose weight

I haven’t been blogging in a long while because I’m simply not used to blogging anymore HAHAHA I haven’t been picking up my phone, hence ignoring all my message notifications omg. I like life like this 🙂 but unfortunately got post-trip assignments and overdue stuff to settle HAHA.

Anyway I gained 1.5kg from the Australia trip HAHAHA oh god I’m gonna set a new record again zzz. Told myself I’m going on a diet and woohoo guess what happened…

I just had to satisfy my weird and random dinner cravings with my sister 😀 Sunny Korean Cuisine HAHAHA BBQ sotong… 😀

and dessert right after that (with sister again duh) omg ice cream french toast. CRAZY I SWEAR THAT IS A CALORIE BOMB… HOW TO DIET. My sister said she’d never be able to diet with me around HAHAHA CAUSE I EAT SO MUCH.

…but omg the calories.

The following day sister and I went to Tarafuku at 313 to have Japanese buffet omg. And the spread was damn good uploading this set of photos makes me damn hungry…

SIAO I ATE LIKE THOUSAND SLICES OF SALMON HAHAHA and the sushi… Ohgod how do you ever get sick of Japanese food :-)) and there’s Matcha ice-cream (BUFFET MEANS CAN TAKE A LOT), cakes, milk pudding (with caramel) and cream puffs etc for dessert wts I had 3 servings of dessert? I DIDN’T TAKE PICTURES cause I was busy eating my head off BUT I SWEAR TYPING THIS MAKES ME DAMN HUNGRY NOW 😦 and I don’t think I need to mention how much I ate in total? I PIG OUT EVERY SINGLE BUFFET GOSH what happened to the diet HAHA.

Right after the buffet we headed to Ion for the mooncake fair (actually only sister), didn’t have any samplings cause I’m not a fan of mooncakes HAHAHA. Thank god actually… One large mooncake has like 1000 calories omg.

Met pandas to take picture with along the way hehehe

After the mooncake fair we rushed down to the airport to send off my Dad & brother off to China for a week 🙂 I’ve been going to the airport a lot recently HAHAHA. But omg I’m damn sad now I have to wake up by myself and go to school for 1 week 😦 that means 5.30am days my goodness just kill me now! 😦

Always a family photo at the airport 😀

Anyway how did I survive Years 1 to 3 taking public transport to school omg must leave house by 6am or risk being late LOL. Crazy pro discipline in the past I’m old now!!!

“Those were the days”…

Pretty random but Aqua Heroes and Point Of No Return are replaying on TVB Classic! TVB dramas from super long ago omg watched them in Primary 2 and 3 respectively… HALF OF MY LIFE AGO! Or should I say my life has doubled since then :/ the years are passing by so damn quickly… You know you’re aging when you start to get fatter! And fatter! I want a second puberty… so that I can eat as much as I want! 😦

FES OELP Australia 2012: Canberra-Sydney

Sep 10, 2012 @ 19:44

This will probably be my only post collating everything, for when I return I’ll publish a day-to-day account of everything I’ve done, including all the smallest details HAHA. Not to show off but to keep memories… cause I know they’ll be important 🙂

I haven’t actually dared to publish anything about the trip before simply because it’s a OELP for the Full Exemption Scheme students, and I know many people out there are probably disgusted with us… cause some of us don’t even deserve it? I must say I was one of the luckier ones who got it- if it wasn’t for borderline grades I don’t think I’ll be anywhere near my GPA. But then again, I studied pretty hard this year (I must say harder than last year)… but probably not harder than some people?

To be honest I 99% expected myself to take the exams (evidently), so I was praying for many of my subjects to hit 80 marks for partial exemption. After every paper I didn’t whip out my calculator to calculate my GPA… cause it was like a distant reality for me -_- But I got lucky with that 1%, two of my subjects improved truckloads (SCS and CID) which caused me to jump 4 grades… and that’s how I got lucky with the scheme. YES MIRACLE HERE.

Many times I wanted to tweet stuff like “OMG DAMN EXCITED HAHAHA” or “Omg DIE HAVEN’T PACK” “OMG I’M SO LAZY TO BEGIN PACKING WTS” but I know these complaints will never be able to match up to the stress that the entire batch is facing now “Gg only 50% through revision” “DIE TOMORROW _______ PAPER” “TOMORROW IS EOY AND I’M ONLY ___ THROUGH”…

I’m sincerely sorry if anyone thinks I’m an unworthy recipient.

I’m flying off for the 3rd time this year tonight! 🙂 Much has changed from the previous time I flew off, afterall OCIP Cambodia has been half a year ago omg. This time, we have a different set of learning objectives (visiting ANU omg) and a whole new group of people. I hope I’ll have a wonderful experience on this trip! I guess I could say I’m pretty excited, dragged Chenxi along on this trip with me, and we’re roomies for the whole 7 nights god HAHAHA. Gonna go crazy together with Sarah as well LOL.

I’ll miss Chinese food, my dear bed, my shorts LOL. I packed winter wear, I think I’m gonna be laughed at… HAHA I DON’T CARE BETTER TO BE KIASU NOW 🙂

Thanks my family once again for the horrendous expenses :S Even though my Dad told me to fork out my own money for my expenses 😦 Okay but at least he gave me most of it hahaha. I guess I am (a little) stingy about purchasing stuff in Singapore, but I really dislike saving on expenses overseas. Why pay so much to fly if you are going to scrimp and scrounge? :S

Day 1

Okay as usual I’m on the plane and unable to fall asleep (duh) cause my tummy is spilling out from my jeans from eating so much 😦 Ah yes my family is gonna be so proud of me HA I ate on the plane! Some chicken mayo wrap for supper (omg it smelt so nice) and strawberry yogurt + banana muffin for breakfast 😀 I skipped the main course… Again. Afterall it caused me to vomit 5 years ago :/ I’m slightly phobic. I’m kept awake by my thoughts about everything which is damn sian -_- keep thinking about the randomnest of things just cause I can’t sleep. And I’m observing the eating habits of skinny people too! They eat as normally as me what…why am I fat!

(Thinking about the two cups of bubbletea I had yesterday, oh god I’m going to die early.)

Okay I can’t wait to reach I’m so bored and I can’t sleep (for the first time) dammit.

Landed! The weather’s pretty nice 😀 but we’re unable to use Wi-Fi cause it’s locked up everywhere bleah! It’s… cold! But not the type of unbearable cold, in fact it’s really comfortable with all the layers 😀 like snuggling under a blanket HAHAHA. And the stuff are really expensive what the I just saw a pie selling for AUD $10 😦 siao we’re going to die here all the stuff so expensive omg!

Just had lunch at somewhere near Blue Mountains 😀 we’re totally living the 吃饱就睡 睡饱就吃 lifestyle walao supper on plane, sleep, breakfast on plane, sleep, now lunch at Blue Mountains and we’re going to sleep again!!! AH MY TUMMY EXPANDING X100!!!

But honestly I’m gonna get sick of this even though lunch was pretty good- I can’t imagine having the same for every meal 😛 Hopefully we will be doing stuff that burn calories later 😦

HAHA FINALLY we spent about 2 hours walking! Ahh it’s a pretty scenic walk in a warm temperate rainforest LOL the difference from Singapore is that it catches fire so easily omg. So many trees are like burnt and black LOL. Took the steepest railway down and the cable car ride… was pretty cool! Just that Ms Gong was screaming through the railway ride because it was really steep… HAHAHA.

I hit my head when going in. Paiseh too tall.

I think we learnt quite a lot! It’s inclining me to take Geog in JC actually, talking about sedimentary rocks and bushfires…? HAHA. Quite interesting 🙂

Nice scenery at Blue Mountains 😀

We’re at a Chinese restaurant having Chinese cuisine for dinner now LOL. Canton Palace, walking distance from the Blue Mountains YHA 🙂

I guess I’m too cool.

Quite worried that there won’t be enough power ports to charge electronics in our room. Hope it’ll be fine! Our day is ending pretty quickly, it’s only 5.30pm but the sun is already setting LOL. But then again, it’s late winter 🙂 can’t wait for bush walking and the glow worms… Heard it’s wonderful 😀

Wah my feet is breaking omg how do those people ascend Mt Ophir or Mt Kinabalu. CRAZY AHHAA The walk down was like cruising but the climb up was horrendous LOL someone in our group had breathing difficulties… It was like a 1km climb how did we do it LOL I think we will have muscle aches tomorrow. We were decked in layers cause it was gonna be quite cold but I was almost perspiring omg on the climb up back to the bus. I wore a winter coat HAHAHA kiasu the best.. Don’t want to freeze like I did in New Zealand LOL.

Taken along the way with Sarah hehehe because it was Groups 1 to 4!

Almost tripped and fell quite a number of times… Wah my ankle is damn prone to injuries now 😦 kept bending it accidentally. It was like walking through a dark rainforest 🙂 torchlights were given but we weren’t allowed to turn them on when we were near the glow worms. Intense light and noise would kill them :/ Although admittedly the glow worms were wonderful heh. They were so bright and pretty omg 🙂 it’s all worth it in the end after you see the blue dots in the rainforest 🙂

It’s completely dark that’s why you’d only see the glow worms, but it’s really pretty when you open your eyes and all you see are blue dots 😀

then you climb up up up and you start to see the backlights of the coach!! 😀

That was a 2hour walk/CLIMB. And this concludes the day 😦 hopefully our teachers would allow us to visit the convenience stores to get food! I’m so hungry HAHAHA.

Day 2

Just had breakfast totally Western style. Toasts in every type of bread, milk, cereal… Not fried bee hoon. HAHA. Then we celebrated birthdays for two people. Don’t really know them paiseh.

The cake costed AUD $83 omg I wonder who paid for it :/ somemore it wasn’t the best cake or anything, it’s just typical marble cake that serves a large group of people. Wah quite ex sia -___-

Michelle was spazzing over her brand.

Anyway I haven’t charged my phone at all since yesterday morning, and it’s still going strong at 80% LOL NEVER OFF AT ALL 🙂 just that I’ll write this occasionally.

Gonna visit the Jenolan Caves later. Which means I’ll be holding the banner around cause there’s a lazy dude -__- want hold hold one whole day la, I don’t even know you gosh impression +100. RV GUYS THE BEST MAN SERIOUSLY walao

“You want hold anot”


Okay the Cave was damn good hehe 🙂 our guide was damn knowledgeable and damn engaging!!! Like I totally listened to everything he said heh 😀 I think it’s damn cool how these rock formations come about and how they are discovered 🙂 and the naming of all the different rocks and everything. Took many many many pictures HAHAH!

Evidently woohoo along the way we just walked and took pictures, over and over again 😀

It’s so pretty omg and once again we experienced total darkness in the cave when all the lights were turned off! Think it’s a pretty cool experience LOL ALTHOUGH Chenxi and Sarah were being lame by running their fingers on my fat thighs omg one on each side HAHAHA.

Camwhore buddies: Gonggong and Rahrah :-))

Hell yeah we look too cool le.

Our start and end point!

Enjoying the trip thus far… just had fish and chips for lunch cause I can’t eat the beef burger :/

Fish fries and more fries. Wah sian.

Looks like we’re gonna spend 3 hours travelling down to Canberra now? Damn should have brought my book on the bus HAHAHA.

Oh and I have a new name, called “The Banner Girl” ah well HAHA.

Wa almost died on the 3 hours down, wanted to blog something but I felt so sick looking at sheeps and trees zoom by me LOL and ooh I saw windmills as well for the first time in my life HAHAHA couldn’t capture it in time 😦 wind energy and rubbish HAHA Geog stuff again! I find it cool that everything we’re looking at is related to Geog 🙂

We had a short toilet break at a convenience store and I used the chance to run around with Gong LOL Taking pictures with the roads and shops etc. We’re the only cool people please 😀 And we checked out the price of the kebabs, muffins, cakes and everything at a cafe nearby. Crazy expensive HAHAHA we’re gonna die when we head to Sydney 😦

Camwhore queens own.

A while more we headed to dinner at some Chinese Tea Club with Chinese cuisine 😦 wah almost died eating with teachers haiz had to act glam and use serving spoon, HAHAHA In case people think I don’t have table manners! 🙂

Too bored le seriously.

The bus is running along the roads of Canberra now (I believe we’re here) and I finally see some high-rise buildings LOL for the past few days we have been stuck at the mountainous areas where there are only terraces… And their HDB-looking houses look so Condo-ish with barricades and everything. Don’t need jealous HAHA. Oh and there are random ulu terraces along the roads as well LOL scary yet cool… There are so few lights along the road!

We’ll be living in an apartment tonight 😀 can’t wait LOL hope it’s similar to that of a house in Australia cause I’m pretty curious as to what it’s like. Wonder how different it’ll be from a New Zealand home 🙂

Omgosh Parklands Apartment is simply amazing LOL IT’S EVEN NICER THAN A HOTEL OMG. It’s so huge with all the hotel facilities + rooms are adjoined which makes it really really really huge…! The only thing is that it’s really cold even without the air-con on ;( and I can’t find any heater! I didn’t want to get out of the shower cause it was so so comfy HAHAHA.

The exterior of Parklands.

Our entire apartment was damn huge and damn chio omg woohoo

Reflections were really long (more than an hour) but ah well insights into the Western culture never gets old 🙂

3 nights here means 3 nights of party and 3 nights of fun awyeah it’s gonna be an amazing time HAHAHA.

Feel like ordering delivery like a boss but it’s really expensive 😦 haven’t spent a single cent thus far, saving it for the free and easy days! 😀 which happens to be tomorrow after the university visit hahaha. Hope I don’t die during the lecture by a university professor tomorrow 😦

Shall be patient and wait till we get to Sydney for Wi-Fi, hopefully my family isn’t worried about me or something LOL I haven’t been able to contact anyone :/

Day 3

BITCH OMG WHY ARE YOU ON THIS TRIP. Seriously, I hardly get angry even with people in Singapore, but why are you such an idiotic slacker. Freaking irresponsible wtf why am I on the same group as you. HOW DID YOU MANAGE 3.8? DID YOU SCAM YOUR WAY THROUGH? Wah seriously get lost la so lazy.


Okay going to the Australian National University (ANU) now… So many gifts I have to give out omg without help. Hopefully we’ll meet some awesome guys there who will cancel out the shittiness of RV guys. And you seriously suck. Please stop smiling at me like an idiot.

WAHAHAHA Australian National University’s lectures were damn cool 😀 we took pictures with the postgraduates and everything as well 🙂

Camwhoring before a lecture LOL horrendous :S

I thought the Chemistry lecture on the Periodic Table was really cool, reacting sodium with water etc 😀 things we’ll never see in Singapore!

They even had to switch off all the fire alarms so that the smoke wouldn’t activate it LOL.

And the students who attended the 2012 Earth summit shared their experiences at UN conferences and everything, they make me want to take Arts in the future heh. Maybe I should take Geog…

Awkward when we had to present the gifts HAHA they have a different culture from Singapore- such that they peel open their gifts right away. In Singapore it is considered pretty rude, hence I guess I was feeling a little weird HAHA.

We had Subway for lunch HAHHA their bread was amazing omg it was spicy! 😀 wanted to take another sandwich but I was afraid I’d look like a pig so I just shared one with Michelle Yihua Dilys. GONG IS ON DIET!

Omg looking at this makes me hungry again 😦 Should have eaten two la but everyone only ate one. Peer pressure to not eat 😦

Afterwards we had some rushed phototaking and we headed to Gold Creek village heh. To be honest when I saw the itinerary for the first time I was like -__- gosh.. Cause birdwalking/park?/reptile museum/dinosaur museum sounds so freaking boring omg. When we headed to the Reptile museum I was a little disappointed as well because it was small and.. boring. Yup. And it set me back by $9.50 😦 but afterwards..

勉强 entertain ourseelves lo HAHAA

We went birdwatching LOL AT THE AVIARY. Gong was really bored but I was thinking we had nothing else to spend our money on so just go lor. In the end it was damn fun HAHHAA

We were holding plates of apples (comes together with our admission fee) and then birds started flying towards us HAHAHA DAMN SCARY OMG. There were some bird magnets LOL and I got so freaked out when the bird clamped on my finger chewing endlessly at the slices of apples I was holding.

I swear I was damn freaked out I screamed LOL.

With the awesome people and my empty plates.

Thankfully they didn’t land on my head or shit though HAHAA I wouldn’t like to be the unlucky one. And it was damn cold, fingers were like ice it was damn difficult to take pictures LOL

Afterwards we headed to the cafe to rest and have some light snacks 😀 Michelle Yihua Dilys Gong and I shared a 3-scoop ice cream (Lemon Lime, Mint Chocolate Chip, xxxxberry cheesecake), some ham tart, citrus tart and pecan & chocolate tart. CITRUS TART WAS CRAZILY DELICIOUS HAHA seventh heaven woohoo. And eating ice-cream in cold weather is simply shiok 😀

Check these out omg woohoo it’s wonderful.

Our hands were crazily icy though LOL had to run through the rain to board our bus 😦 we were all freezing cold omg I cannot take it LOL shit sia should have brought my winter coat out.

Finally on board the bus to Part II of our free and easy itinerary 😀 can’t wait to shop, hopefully we’ll have time to visit the supermarket 🙂

Omg I died typing this out my hands are crazily painful and my fingers can’t feel the keys.

We headed to Dickson Shopping Centre instead for a buffet dinner omg. DAMN FAT WE JUST HAD ALL THE TARTS AND ICE CREAM THEN WE HEADED FOR DINNER LOL. Surprisingly I still had appetite for all that food HAHA. Their buffet is considerably cheap for their standard of living ;O AUD $20.

Whatever I managed to capture without looking weird heh the lasagna was great but I didn’t capture a picture :/

My first serving looks pretty wonderful isn’t it 😀

I ate like a queen and I had at least 10 slices of kiwi I believe. Or 20.

Afterwards we had 1 hour of shopping LOL initially we thought it wouldn’t be enough but in the end we headed to the supermarket that’s all HAHA. Bought the same stuff as I did in New Zealand (LOL) whee. Oh we also bought food to microwave in our wonderful apartment 😀

Aunties in the supermarket.

Can’t wait to party tonight HAHAHA.

Okay we just had reflections and cleaned up but unfortunately I am writing this at 12.26am heh. I think people always fail to see the root of the problem but yet when it is brought up… It’s often just shoved away?

It’s not just present in this trip, I don’t know why suddenly it seemed really apparent. CCA, certain overseas trips… Classroom activities/lessons. People are always following by the book, but when we bring up the problem, it’s often “challenging the authorities”. Isn’t that the very flaw of our education system? Donation funds = economic growth? That’s damn… forced.

Because right now we’re probably just looked upon as a bunch of bimbos who do nothing but whine about what is assigned to us… But I guess it’s better since it’s brought up earlier. I don’t really want to dread this session every single day.

Day 4

Morning for breakfast 🙂 it’s a nice day! Hopefully they don’t look upon us as a bunch of bimbos HAHA. Ooh and breakfast is still good 🙂 can’t wait for late night shopping tonight 🙂

Headed to ANU straightaway for laboratory lessons and a tour on the workshops for Nuclear Physics. Sorry but some content are simply too deep… I can’t understand most of them 😦 I only understood some of the very simple ones like the parabola and sulfur hexafluoride tanks and stuff. The rest I’m completely clueless ahhh. And the route was damn long god LOL I swear the university is too…huge!!! I felt like I was walking from one end of the campus to the other omg even further than Clementi MRT from my house please.

We did Datalogging for one of our lab activities 🙂

Morning tea was good: chips and muffins 😀 LUNCH by ANU was super godly LOL there were like thousands (k la abit exaggerate) of pizza boxes. Pepperoni, hawaiian, some others I can’t identify LOL and I had 4 slices dammit I’m seriously gonna die early. Omg no one is going to be able to have an appetite as huge as mine seriously no matter how much I ate I wasn’t full. I could start on the 5th now I swear LOL


Felt so bad when they went to clean up after us! 😦 cause we know… That they are genuinely nice, at least. You’d know if someone’s being sincere heh.

Left the ANU after two days 😦 I’ll miss this place! Took many final pictures HAHA. Beautiful campus LOL.

With my pretty ladies 🙂

We went to the Australian War Memorial! Always wanted to come by this place heh because I guess I’m pretty interested in all the war stuff 🙂

And I saw a whole section dedicated to Singapore during World War 2! Apparently Singapore caused the worry and fear of Australians because Australia was the nafter Singapore had fallen. And Singapore sounds like a god in all the descriptions LOL “Key allied force” which threatened the safety of many other countries. Didn’t know Singapore was so godly. Oh and the museum’s so big that you’d get lost -_-

At the museum LOL thank god I used flash..

Yihua Michelle and Qianqian had a scary experience with over daring guys -_- thank god I’m unattractive LOL.

Went outside to camwhore with the entrance omg damn pretty.

My favourite jumpshot! Especially with the Australian flags omg so pretty. A pity can’t use for cover picture cause it’s too big.

I don’t know where we’re going next but I guess the day’s going rather well so far so it should be pretty amazing 🙂

We went to the Parliament House aha. Unfortunately I was so bloody tired I couldn’t pay attention to the talks and everything x.x the Great Hall was pretty impressive though haha.

Outside the Parliament House.

Was camwhoring around at the rooftop doing Wushu and everything HAHAHA Damn fun! And the scenery is damn great AHAAHA

The wind was damn strong HAHA all of us were trying to avoid centre partings and everything. But damn shuang and damn nice scenery 🙂 We were shocked when we reached the top LOL SO CHIO OMG.

4G shot woohoo.

Afterwards it was a short bus ride to Canberra Centre where we had late night shopping! 😀 today is Friday so shops were closed at 9pm instead of the usual 5pm HAHAHA! We went shopping like crazy LOL (5 of us) and bought so many many clothes!

Outside the entrance where we were freezing.

2hour and 45 minutes 🙂 perfectly reasonable HAHA and afterwards I satisfied my kebab craving from New Zealand by consuming something of about 600 calories? Omg guilt to the max 😦 the rest of them ate so healthily gosh souped noodles SHARE SOMEMORE. I finished an entire wrap by myself omg.

Then we took public transport for the first time in Canberra back to our apartments! 😀 I’m typing this on the bus heh it’s a long journey 🙂 not looking forward to the costs, prices were $2 for a one-way trip omg 😦

Queuing for the bus LOL 45 people on board, damn siao.

Dilys and I! 😀

And it’s still damn bloody cold LOL definitely below 10 degrees omg.

We were partying like goddesses LOL AND THE TOMYAM NOODLES KILLED US HHAHA. 3 packets and the 5 of us choked/died at the first strand of noodle LOL

Then it was melting chocolate with strawberry, milk, coke, and our pizza 😀 damn nice HAHAHA. And we talked all the way till 2am hahaha before we slept. Oh well, to end our last night at Parklands 😦

And my crazy lips after tomyam HAHAHA I’m gonna remember it for life cause of the video. Love all of them man 😦

Day 5

More than half of our trip is over omg that’s making me pretty sad 😦 spammed the continental breakfast like crazy because we won’t be having it ever again 😦 and their tarts are crazily delicious! I can’t identify the filling but it’s just so damn good omg.

Moved our luggage out and left the place forever… Bye Parklands 😦 at Dickson LOL.

Going to the NASA Deep Space and Communication Complex now- hope I have not forgotten what I’ve learnt one year ago during space course! 😀

Omg the space thing was so damn cool aha it started with an outdoor tour of the dishes and everything which killed us all because it is just so damn bloody cold :S (2-5 degree-ish in Canberra now). Thankfully not to the point whereby my ears felt like dropping, but my hands were so damn icy cold hahaha.

Exploring the solar system and beyond yo hehehe

Besides the point, we read exhibits and watched vides on space exploration… And once again they brought in eamples of the robots that have landed on Mars! I think it’s damn cool despite already watching similar videos in the past 😀

Hi I’m gonna conquer space. Oh I was telling the rest of them I’ll never be an astronaut cause the food up there sucks HAHA it’s like packet ration for 8 months to 2 years? omg.

The man was telling us the next guy on Mars would be someone between the ages 6-19 whereby they are the most exprienced + physically fit to set food. I truly wonder who will be the first person on Mars 😀 you can view Earth from there omg.

Space stuff are damn cool haha I’ve always enjoyed listening to them 🙂

Omg we dropped by Floriade! I was so happy HAHA I love flower festivals omg being in such a place boosts my mood instantly 😀 furthermore the weather was damn good omg warm and cosy 🙂

Ohgod it’s so pretty, initially wanted to set one of these as my cover pictures but there’s no complete group photo because all of us were dispersed 😦 no one to help us take LOL.

We bought candyfloss and ice-cream… FAT STUFF AGAIN HAHHAA I DON’T THINK I’LL EVER STOP. Magnum classic, just wow. God, and we’re having lunch on the bus now LOL GOODNESS.

It’s so pretty over there omg all my pictures turned out so beautiful 🙂

Along the pavement at the Floriade there were so many people sitting down to draw the pretty flowers 🙂 it’s really a pleasant sight 😀 pretty dresses made out of flowers and everything. It’s really nice!

She was changing her paint colours almost every 10 seconds to come up with the gradient of the yellow flowers. So pretty omg!

We had 1 hour which was just nice because we could appreciate the place slowly yet didn’t have excess such that we didn’t know what to do. The children’s funfair was pretty nice too HAHA.

I love this 🙂 LOVE TO BE AROUND FLOWERS! Hehe 🙂

Omg that was a 3hour bus ride to Mowbray Park Farm which was pure sleep all the way… probably due to lack of sleep from the previous day LOL.

We had farm activities there! Boomerang throwing, whipping, playing with farm animals, cow milking and feeding of lamb 😀 it was pretty fun apart from the fact that it was still very damn cold. Like damn cold.

I failed quite terribly HAHAHA.

And bunnies kept running away from me 😦

Afterwards we went back to rest to prepare for dinner, which didn’t turn out to be very amazing, but still a simple fare with delicious corn and chicken 😀

And apple crumble that I don’t really appreciate, oops.

Then there was a pretty lame campfire to make marshmallows LOL pro Dilys was rekindling the flame HAHA.

Group photo around the fire! It was really cold but we got really close to the fire hence it was damn damn comfortable hehehe.

And dammit I just cut my finger with something sharp ouch LOL Dry weather sucks max 😦

Time to read my book! 🙂 then bed time~

Day 6

Only supposed to wake up at 6.30am but I am in the sitting room typing this at 5.30am because it is simply too bloody cold. The wind just keeps kissing my skin and omg I cannot take it. Even with a jacket and long pants. And blanket. The window’s being an ass by inviting cold wind in.

Horrendous sleeping conditions. Horrendous. Is an understatement.

I guess I’m gonna be cranky for the whole day from this lack of sleep… Gonna be whalewatching and really tired (possibly feel motion sickness too)

Eeyer bad day ahead. Hopefully the bus rides are really long 😦

Hahaha 3 hour bus ride to Jervis Bay after breakfast 😀 slept all the way LOL.

Dolphin and whale watching got me a little sick after a while but I stood in the cold wind because you only live once 🙂 about 2 hour cruise ride with wind continuously blowing…my hair ended up upward and backward my goodness.

Damn chio fringe sia all of us.

It was so difficult to comb after that HAHA. Captured many pretty pictures of fins 🙂 but it was really cold LOL

The best dolphin I captured HAHAHA shutter speed too slow sian

And my hair ended up like this LOLOL

And I hate my seasickness 😦 it’s gonna kill me when I go for a cruise in the future.

3 hour bus ride to Sydney yay 🙂

Just had dinner at a Chinese restaurant (Nine Dragons) 🙂 wahaha no seats so we ended up sitting with juniors which was a pretty enjoyable experience 😀 WE WERE guessing one another’s CCAs and so many people thought I was from Netball HAHAHA

Chinese food once again, but this meal was really good 🙂 AND THE JUNIORS EAT A LOT OMG.

Ooh 62 people are in Sydney now. LOL RV owning this place max. Love Sydney’s night life pretty interesting!

I think it looks nice heheh

There were caucasians dancing along to Gangnam Style HAHAHA Damn cool omg.

Can’t wait to room tonight, there’s a mart downstairs our YHA woohoo

Day 7

Wahaha the day ended early yesterday cause morning call was at 5.00am 😦 crazy hard knocks on our door getting us to wake up LOL.

We headed to Sydney Fish Market after breakfast to check out the auction omg 🙂 it’s so cool HAHAHA anticlockwise movement of the bidding! And she showed us all the fresh fishes one by one 😀

Then it was buying food HAHAHA mussels (omg finally satisfy craving), oysters, salmon (smoked or raw), eel omggg wheee ATE UNTIL DAMN FULL HAHAHA

OMG LOOKING at this makes me want to drool again it was so damn good gosh.


Afterwards we took a long time to get to Darling Harbour for Free & Easy! 🙂 we visited the Sydney Aquarium and Madame Tussauds at child price wheee 😀 hahaha it was photo spamming session apart from the fact that people’s gonna call the fashion police 😀

“Underwater world” Sydney style HAHAHA

The only nice shot at the aquarium cause I was dumb enough not to turn on flash.

And I think the coolest shot at Madame Tussauds?! WE had so many pictures HAHAHA and it wouldn’t be fun if I spammed them all I guess 😀
Lunch was at Pancakes on the Rocks woohoo cool famous place 😀 Free & Easy shopping later yayyy

Yummy HAHAHA the 5 of us shared one crepe, one pancake and one pizza 🙂 GREAT.

HAHAHA that was a whole day of walking omg

We walked to Pitt Street to shop for an hour, then walked walked walked all the way to Circular Quay (omg two train stops) to take pictures with the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge 😀

Woohoo while walking along the streets.

Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge respectively heh I couldn’t believe I was seeing it in real… LOL.
& we took the train to Town Hall where we continued shopping at Harbourside Shopping Centre woohoo. Chenxi had a damn guailan experience which pissed me off quite terribly LOL walao damn racist please.

But nevertheless, first time in Sydney’s train station.. 😀 It felt quite good heh.

The night view of Darling Harbour is really really pretty though 🙂

The bubble tea was really good 🙂 Passionfruit black tea with rainbow jelly HAHAHA this kind of weird combination also have omg. It was really sweet though.


Then we walked back all the way to Sydney YHA omg I swear my feet were aching even though I am so trained in walking on and on… HAHAHA

Didn’t manage to see the juniors even though we were staying at the same place, for some reason. Slept early despite it being the last night 😦

and guess what, we had supper once again 🙂

Day 8

Its the last day! 😦 woke up pretty late for breakfast and headed to Featherdale Wildlife Park where we had 2 hours to shoop around with the animals HAHA you could go really upclose omg. They would allow you! 😀 A pity Koalas are endangered now so they do not allow us to hug them (according to what I read, they are not bears? :D).

A shot with a Koala hehehe.

and the animal I love most in the world. Having the most links at least -__-

Afterwards we headed for more Free & Easy at Chinatown (in Sydney) where we settled our lunch at a Chinese cafe (which had us all bloated because the portion was so huge) and headed for shopping at Market City. Should have eaten faster! The shopping stuff are quite huge 🙂 bought so many tanktops for my sister she gotta thank me LOL.

Weird craving for custard bun halfway because I saw it at Chinatown omg 🙂 RIGHT AFTER THAT BUN WE HAD LUNCH GOSH LOL DAMN FAT.

The portion was crazy huge we should have shared HAHAHA somemore we ordered a side dish omg nothing but fats.

And I dropped my money while buying souvenirs :S I can’t even explain how thankful I am omg cause I slipped it into my wallet lazily hence it was damn loose. THEN THE SHOP OWNERS FROM THE SOUVENIR SHOP PICKED IT UP and asked me omg…!!! So bloody thankful gosh.

The world seems like a brighter and nicer place today heh.

Right now I’m typing this on the bus, it is our last time with the bus… at Australia. Never will there be the same group of friends on this trip again. I’m thankful to Michelle Yihua Dilys Chenxi for sharing with me an experience like no other, and I’m pretty certain I won’t enjoy as much with any other group. Shopping queens and cooking queens 😀

I see the airport. And the aeroplanes. It’s time to check in, this concludes our 9 day OELP to Australia 😦

Say bye to Australia, hopefully only for now 🙂

I guess my impression of Australia hasn’t really changed after this trip- largely similar to New Zealand, heavy Western culture, just that it has a lot of Asian fused into it because of the Asian migrants. If I’m not wrong, they make up a quarter of the population LOL. This trip was really great because of the company and fun, as well as the good balance of Free & Easy and guided tours. If I were to choose again, I would still choose to go to Australia and pay that large sum 🙂

I am really tired from training now so I can’t type anymore LOL, I guess I’ll add on slowly when I read my post over and over again 🙂