Dinner with 6/6 ’08

Today was a great day.

Although I spent $30 on food alone T_T sinful + need to work out to burn off those calories omg. Wahhhh the pasta not even nice damn regret. That was like $16… Shall never order a main course at Swensens again LOL. THE ICE CREAM IS FILLING ENOUGH. Forgot to take pictures of my wonderful Mango Fantasy hehehehe

Ah well I love 6/6 ’08 hahaha these kind of unplanned dinners are the best… πŸ™‚ Although they cost $30 😦 Gordon DarrenLim Kimyao Olivia are such epic people. Whoever goes to the 40th storey to do retarded stuff… LOL writing ζŠ₯η« ζŠ₯道 about ourselves omg HAHAHA.

Looking forward to meeting again tomorrow LOL it’s quite amazing how things aren’t awkward after… 4 long years.

I NEED TO RUN TOMORROW!!! Must run no matter what, even though I already ran 10 rounds today 😦 WAH SKIRT GONNA GET TIGHTER AGAIN SIAN


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