Dinner with 6/6 ’08

Today was a great day.

Although I spent $30 on food alone T_T sinful + need to work out to burn off those calories omg. Wahhhh the pasta not even nice damn regret. That was like $16… Shall never order a main course at Swensens again LOL. THE ICE CREAM IS FILLING ENOUGH. Forgot to take pictures of my wonderful Mango Fantasy hehehehe

Ah well I love 6/6 ’08 hahaha these kind of unplanned dinners are the best… 🙂 Although they cost $30 😦 Gordon DarrenLim Kimyao Olivia are such epic people. Whoever goes to the 40th storey to do retarded stuff… LOL writing 报章报道 about ourselves omg HAHAHA.

Looking forward to meeting again tomorrow LOL it’s quite amazing how things aren’t awkward after… 4 long years.

I NEED TO RUN TOMORROW!!! Must run no matter what, even though I already ran 10 rounds today 😦 WAH SKIRT GONNA GET TIGHTER AGAIN SIAN


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