West Zone Floorball Carnival

Totally didn’t have any expectations cause we were just playing as a bunch of noobs in school… It’s like we go 送死 totally hahaha…

but we surprisingly got 2nd! 🙂 RVHS3 and RVHS4 (girls teams) both made it to the semi-finals hehe. Yay 2nd and 3rd for both RV Girls! Great jobbbb to us 🙂 Especially my zaikia teammates who covered up for my suckiness: Kaixin Xuanjim Jessie omg 😀

It was getting awkward when it was RVHS3 vs RVHS4 cause both of us had the same points at the semifinals LOL. But it’s okay, we made it to Top 4… unexpectedly!

I finally experienced the guilt when you let in a goal/missed the goal by a bit. Especially when you lost the match 😦 I’m so sorry… feeling terrible LOL hope I’ll never make the same mistake. I suck as a defender man… ok not that I’m that good of a player but LOL AIYA SUCK MEANS SUCK sorry 😦

RV Floorball hahaha. Oops, I’m not acquainted with more than half of them…? :S

Was getting stressful after that hiong round LOL ahh scraped my knee as a defender. But it was quite a wonderful experience 🙂 It doesn’t feel THAT good when you block balls but it feels really terrible when you let in goals LOL aiyo…… Nevermind I sent in about 2-3 goals? 😀 Even though I suck kinda horribly HAHAHA

Camwhoring with a mirror in the school (Swiss Cottage)- we were so damn impressed HAHAHA RV doesn’t even have a full body mirror….

Great job RV Floorball 🙂 One of the fun events I’ll always remember to kickstart my Floorball life hehehe. Great game!


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