Catching up with old friends

Well, not exactly old. HAHA.

A meetup of everyone in that photo!

Just trying to relive the memories of PSB/SKM, notably the people in this polaroid. It’s been 2 years and 3/4 months since SKM, and I’m pretty sure the memory of that is still etched in our minds 😀 I’ll always miss those times hahaha.

Picture taken by Kaixin 😀 Oh my I’m pretty sure all of us have changed a lot. HAHAHA. Be it personalities, priorities, the way we look… ah well evidently I have become a lot fatter since then HAHAHA.

It was a nice day overall 🙂 Had a really sinful dinner at Everything With Fries (again heh).

Tandoori Chicken Sandwich again! Other than the fact that I opted for Curry Fries this time 🙂

There are some friends you talk to everyday… some friends you talk to once a week.. some friends you talk to once a month! These are the friends that belong to the 2nd or 3rd category I guess? HAHA. I really love the fact that we met up yesterday despite the incoming End-of-Year examinations just to catch up 😀 Over the past 2 years I’ve lost so many people in my life. Not because we don’t have time (because if someone really mattered nothing would stop you), but because one party stops putting in effort.

I hope 2 years later we’d still be able to meet up and talk again! 🙂 May distance not pull us further apart, since all 5 of us have never really been in the same class at all (at any one time, at most 2 of us? Heh.)


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