Awaiting fulfilling December holidays

I might die in my commitments.. I don’t know. Hahaha, why is it people are able to juggle so well gosh I’m already dying. To top it off JC syllabus isn’t anywhere near secondary school- it gets really worrying when I’m piling myself with more and more work…

I know eventually I’ll have to give up one of my major commitments, and by the looks of it it’ll likely be NCC…? But I hope that day wouldn’t come so soon. And since I still suck so much at Floorball (be it skills or physique), I’ll have to train doubly hard since I’m going to miss about 24 hours of training. When I return, I’ll be even worse than before… Damn.

Worrying so much before it comes.

My wonderful schedule for November (boxes = not free :D).

I can’t wait to start working at the childcare again (cute little children heheh). This is one of the coolest projects RV has ever embarked on I guess, forcing students to find an attachment/job as part of the December holidays. I’m pretty thankful but at the same time, I’m stacked by so much commitments during the holidays omg.

I hope there will be a short getaway (overseas) during my birthday, after the crazily-packed holiday I believe I would need a break from everything desperately.

And wow since I’m hardworking enough to finish my 公函 for today, it’s time to pick up some books 😀


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