Feeding my fats

Sakae Sushi buffet again. It’s okay, I know I won’t regret if I die tomorrow 😀

Right after school, since dismissal was at 2.30pm for the first time in the week 😀

My favourite red plate with some wonderful Chuka Idako in the background.

Takoyaki, wiped two plates of it HAHAHA.

Sister & I ate a total of 28 plates (including the miso soup, chawanmushi etc). Damn, the last record I had was with Huimin and Yixin when we had a mere… 28-29 plates as well. By my 10th plate this time, I wasn’t even.. half full? Floorball is making my appetite extremely extremely huge, and I don’t think I’m burning off the calories despite the high frequency of trainings…

What do you do about an exponential weight gain? Since Sec 1, my weight has never dropped before T_T I’m in trouble haiyo…

Anyway back to the topic of regretting, I’ve been reading My Sister’s Keeper lately (which honestly pales in comparison to Nineteen Minutes), and it’s all about the topic of dying, dying, and dying.

So I conveniently asked my sister “Would you regret anything if you died tomorrow?”

I forgot what her answer was (oops) but for me… I guess I won’t regret? I think I have lived my life to the fullest, especially this year hahaha.

The only thing I’d regret is maybe not trying out the buffet at Zhou Kitchen. Or maybe not having been skinny enough to wear all the nice clothes.

I’m so flabby I’m floating~


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