Year 5 lectures have started

Whatever I’m doing with my GC when I’m bored LOL sending messages through the GC can be rather entertaining, especially with Yujie HAHA.

The Year 5 lectures have started since yesterday, and I died the very first lecture oh my god. Dreading lectures so much next year, gosh it provides so much room for sleeping…? I obviously do not have the discipline to pinch myself and stay awake omg… Econs was rather interesting though 🙂 convinced me even further that my desired combination is the best for me.

Today was Eat With Your Class day, but apparently I only found out in the morning and well… so we just ignored it. And really only had class lunch, which caused me to tio arrow again. Sigh. So… is it my fault now that I didn’t find out from other classes? I didn’t even know I was responsible… Aiyah nevermind lah whatever, there’ll be a make-up next Tuesday anyway. So many things to settle now, 1. Edmodo, 2. Class lunch, 3. Retirement gift for Mr Ng…

Okay la not many I guess I’d rather do all these than Moments or something, being really really random here.

but oh well, we had 4 long pandan rolls from Mrs Tay hehehe omg she’s so nice, gonna miss her so much 😦 It was damn delicious but I ate only one slice cause…. my sister had to remind me that one slice is 200 calories?! Hope she’s not gonna be too disappointed that I’ll be giving up Physics next year. Mrs Tay you were really awesome, it’s just that I suck too much at this to catch up with the rest of the class. So if I take Physics, I’ll probably suffer in the A Level bell curve… so I guess I’d rather spare myself from the tears the next 2 years. Afterall I think I cried most for Physics dammit. CID1 Physics, the various Physics tests I’ve failed… damn.

I love my awesome teachers 🙂

I hope I wouldn’t cry the day I receive the HCL O Level results…

This keeps me going, thanks 陈老师 for marking my 作文 practices so fast 😛 Gogogogogo 加油 to myself for HCL 😦 Final lap of secondary school life.


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