Food and people

Cool pictures to narrate what I’ve been doing the past week:

30 essays woohoo not including the ones for Part B. Okay of course I did not present the letters like that… but I didn’t take a picture of the final product cause it was 3.45am AND I DESPERATELY NEEDED SLEEP LOL. I did a rough calculation and estimated that I wrote about 17000 words in total. WAHAHA, I can totally write a short story please 😀 Oh my handwriting is bad please ignore LOL YOU CAN’T HAVE NICE HANDWRITING WHEN YOU WRITE SO MUCH T.T

Posing with a model during 4G class chalet LOL Too bored liao. Fringe is sexily screwed because of cycling HAHAHA, I was still perspiring like nuts…

Wanlu’s birthday today… Bakerzin’s Cookie & Cream Cheesecake. Oh my god it was so godly I had two slices- calorie bomb 😦

Canadian pizza for supper during RVNCC Unit Chalet 😀 We ordered them at like 10.06pm, thank god they still delivered HAHAHA. I wasn’t exactly hungry but well, I just felt like eating 😀

Camwhoring with Weihan’s iPhone fish eye lens with the Choo who says I’m very huggable. My fats are probably a nice cushion or something, I remember 4G Class WhatsApp saying something like “Pingping don’t even need to roll, she can just bounce here, noi pingping lova you” THAT’S WHY IT’S SO DAMN DIFFICULT TO STAY ANGRY AT SUCH RETARDS HAHA.

Oooh and my nostrils look huge and my nose looks really wide- but it’s alright because you smell better with big noses 🙂

So it’s been a pretty hectic week, Outreach, trainings, chalets back to back, but I guess I’m done with the first week of holidays 🙂

It’s time to put in effort for O Level Higher Chinese once again, read my library books, and perhaps catch some dramas in my free time wahahaha.


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